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Fengdu County is located on the southeastern edge of the Sichuan Basin, across the banks of the Yangtze River, and is located on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is 172 kilometers from Chongqing and 476 kilometers from Yichang. The county covers an area of 1010 square kilometers and has a total population of 740,000. Feng is an ancient city with mountains and rivers. It was called Bazibedu in the Spring and Autumn Period. In the second year of the Eastern Han Dynasty and Emperor Yongyuan, a separate county was designated from Yixian County and named Fengdu County. It has a history of more than 1900 years..

Wu Fengdu, the Pearl of the Yangtze River, has been a cultural city since ancient times. It is the most distinctive and famous historical and cultural town in China. It has been born in ancient and modern times as a rich ghost culture where the Yincao Prefecture is located. Many legends of ghosts and gods are circulating here. Many famous Chinese and foreign literary works such as Journey to the West, Liao Zhai Zhi Yi, Saying Yue Quan Zhuan and Biography of Zhong Rong have vivid descriptions of the Ghost City Fengdu, which is quite legendary.

The main landscapes in Fengdu County are: National key scenic spots in the Yangtze River Three Gorges Scenic Spots and Historic Sites-Fengdu Famous Mountains; National Forest Park with the beauty of both shape and garden art-Shuanggui Mountain; antique building Ghost Kingdom Shrine Yinsi Street is currently the largest ghost and god cultural and human landscape in China, and it is also the most spectacular dynamic human landscape in Southwest China. There are also peculiar and spectacular buildings, high density, large time span and high cultural value. A rare tomb group in the Han Dynasty in Huinan; there are stone carvings of the Shuren big ghosts under construction, Siping Forest Park with low altitude (380-520 meters above sea level), Sanfu primitive forest farm, Longhe Scenic Area ( karst cave, Rafting) and other natural landscapes.

The original name of Mount Pingdu was Pingdu Mountain, which was renamed because of Su Shi s poem Pingdu Ancient Famous Mountain in the Northern Song Dynasty. The altitude is 287.3 meters and the area is 0.45 square kilometers. According to legend , in the Han Dynasty, there were Yin Changsheng and Wang Fangping, who had been practicing immortality in Pingdu Mountain and soared day by day. Taoists have listed this place as one of the Blessed Lands in Dao. In the Tang Dynasty, some people mistakenly linked the two names yin and king as yin king, so the famous mountains gradually gradually became the place where the yin king (king of hell) lived, which became yin cao Government ghosts. Many temples and temples related to Yin Cao Di Fu were successively built. There are more than 30 halls such as Hengha Temple, Baoen Temple, Naihe Bridge, Jade Emperor Temple, Baizi Temple, Wuchang Temple, Daxiong Baodian, Guimenguan, Huangquan Road, Wangxiangtai, Tianzi Temple, Erxianlo u, Chenghuang Temple, Jiuman Temple, etc. There are also inscriptions on the hills of Su Shi, Lu You, Fan Chengda and other famous celebrities.

After visiting the ghost and ghost town of the famous mountain, people stepped on the magnificent antique iron cable suspension bridge- Yinyang Bridge that spans between the two mountains, and reached the Shenyang Shuanggui Mountain. Shuanggui Mountain is 401 meters high and covers an area of ​​about about 1 square kilometer. It has beautiful scenery, dense green trees, flowing water, and winding paths. It has Confucius Temple, Luming Temple, Su Gong Temple, Yuming Spring and other pavilions. There are also Enlai Pavilions commemorating Zhou Enlai, Guo Pavilions in the early years of Fengguo Yuanyuan in Fengdu, and He Long Pavilions in honor of He Long.

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About tofu milk, there is a beautiful and magical legend in Ghost Town Feng. According to legend, a long time ago, there was a peach blossom village at the foot of Qingniu Mountain behind the famous mountain of Fengdu. There was a farmer with the surname of Wang. The tofu was very well made. King Tofu. Because of something at home, Wang Tofu had to ask his son Wang Xiao to sell tofu on the street. Wang Xiao saw two …

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