Fencesa Island Tours, Tickets & Attractions

Located in the northeast corner of Queensland, Australia, Fensea Island is the largest sand island in the world with an area of ​​185,000 hectares. It was listed as a World Natural Heritage in 1992.

Fenissa Island looks like a giant axe on the Pacific Ocean and is popular with jungle hikers, four-wheel drive enthusiasts and surfers. To get to the sandy island, you must take a ferry from Inskip Point or Hervey Bay. Only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed on the island.

In the middle of the sand island, there are dense tropical rain forests. These trees rely on storing nutrients on their trunks or relying on the roots exposed outside the ground to absorb nutrients from the north wind to maintain their lives. To the north of the island is the Great Sandy National Park. Many magnificent dunes cover one third of the northern island. The island also has about 40 hanging lakes, large and small (accounting for more than half of the world s hanging lakes), which are most popular with tourists. Among them, Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on the island. On one side are large sand dunes rolling in yellow sand, and on the other side are bottomless green lakes. It usually takes about 25-30 minutes to walk from the trail to the lake.

BoLake Boomajin, located on the east coast of Finser Island, has 190 hectares and is the largest hanging lake on the island. The shore of Lake Boomanjin is covered with sparse, hydrophobic grasses as tall as humans. The lake water is tea-red due to geological relationships. Lake McKenzie, shaped like a gem and a tourist, is blue and clear from the ocean. Anyone who sees this beautiful lake can not help but take off their shoes and socks and play in the sea. The fine sand on the beach is said to have a special function. The silverware and jewellery are washed brilliantly, and visitors may wish to try it here. The coastline of Seventy-Five-Mile Beach on the east side is a paradise for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are the most efficient means of transportation on the island. There are several ferries daily to and from Fencesa Island to ferry sightseeing vehicles and tourists. There are also companies that rent four-wheel-drive vehicles in Hervey Bay, Finthesha Island, Rainbow Beach, Noosa and Brisbane. There are also companies that charter aircraft in Hervey Bay, flying daily to Finthera Island and landing on Eurong Beach and Happy Valley.

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