Fanjingshan Nature Reserve

Everlasting Pure Land, Fanjing Mountain, China, is located at the junction of Jiangkou, Yinjiang, and Songtao counties in Tongren, northeastern Guizhou. At an altitude of 2,572 meters, it is not only the first mountain in Guizhou, but also the main peak of the Wuling Mountains. With a total area of ​​square square kilometers, it is one of China s 14 members of the United Nations Man and Biosphere World Nature Reserve.

Fanjing Mountain is a huge mountain with a width of about 21 kilometers from east to west, and a length of about 27 kilometers from north to south, with a total area of ​​567 square kilometers. The ancient stratum and excellent ecological environment make her unique mountain scenery. The red cloud and golden dome standing on top of the mountains, the peculiar mushroom stone, the majestic ten thousand scrolls, the rare Golden Knife Gap and Scissor Gorge, the magic fairy bridge, the vivid eagle rock, and the Baizhang Deep Valley Prince Stone, Buddha Light Phantom, Waves of Clouds, Mountain Flowers and Red Leaves, Mountain Stream and Clear Spring are unique and shocking!

Fanjing Mountain is regarded as the best-preserved virgin forest in the world at the same latitude. The ancient stratum 1 billion to 1.4 billion years ago is home to more than 2,600 species of life, among which there are no less than 70 million to 2 million years ago, Tertiary and Quaternary. Ancient animal and plant species have become a rare ecological kingdom for human beings. The alpine rhododendron is extraordinary and beautiful; the Davidia inflorescence blooms and flutters in the wind; The rare animals represented by the golden monkey of the world s only child are countless.

Fanjingshan has a long history. If there is an ancient Buddha dojo called Fanjingshan, then the world s most famous Yuezong is also is the most authoritative positioning of Fanjingshan. The ancient name Three Valleys was published in the Han Book more than 2000 years ago. Later, Jiulong Mountain and Yuejing Mountain were also called. After the Ming Dynasty, they were collectively called Fanjing Mountain. Fanjing Mountain has been known as the Maitreya Dojo since ancient times, so it has the same reputation with Wushu Mountain of Manjushri Dojo, Mount Emei of Puxian Dojo, Jiuhua Mountain of Jizo King Dojo, and Putuo Mountain of Guanyin Dojo.

Fanjing Mountain has a good ecological environment. The reckless virgin forest is the main body of the nature reserve. In the forest, there are more than 10 national key protected plants such as Davidia involucrata (Chinese pigeon tree), Zhongye wood, hemlock, Liriodendron chinense. Fanjingshan is also a paradise for rare birds and beasts. Here are the national key protected animals such as the golden snub-nosed monkey, Sumatra, and red-bellied horned owl. Fanjing Mountain is green and green, and there is a stream between every two mountains. These streams converge into 11 major rivers, including the Heiwan River and the Manger River. They rush down in a radial pattern, and there are many rapids and shoals along the way. The river that originated in the west and north is the Wujiang River system, and Fanjing Mountain is the watershed of these two river systems.

Fanjing Mountain s natural landscape is very beautiful. Fanjing Mountain is dominated by the Old Golden Peak, Phoenix Mountain, and New Golden Peak, with nine branches extending over thousands of miles as its side lines. Winding up and down along more than 8000 levels , you can reach the Red Cloud Golden Dome directly. The clouds and mist are rising at the top, and the purple gas is rising. The most strange thing is that sometimes a colorful halo suddenly appears in the air at the top of the peak. There are human figures or objects that are zoomed in several times or even ten times. The ancients regarded it as auspicious light. There are a lot of strange peaks and strange stones near the golden dome, strange mushroom stones, majestic ten thousand scrolls, the rare fairy bridge of the Golden Knife Gorge and Scissor Gorge, the vivid eagle rock, the prince stone and the Buddha light rising from the ground Phantoms, waves of clouds, mountains and red leaves, mountains and clear springs are also illusions and real, making you nostalgic.

Fanjing Mountain has more cultural landscapes. As early as the 16th century, Fanjing Mountain was a famous Buddhist shrine in China. There are temples such as Shakya Temple, Maitreya Temple, and Chengen Temple on the mountain. In addition, the Empress Dowager Emperor Mingzong donated money to rebuild the Guanci Stele of the Jinding Temple Tree, the Governor of Guizhou and the Forbidden Mountain Forest Stele and the Jinding Cliff Cliff Carvings.

A magic tree grows about 250 meters from the head of Xitubachang, Yongyi Township, Yinjiang County, west of Fanjing Mountain. It is strange because the tree is tall and erect, more than 30 meters high, the trunk diameter at the breast is 2.8 meters , and the crown is shaded by acres. This tree tendon and epiphysis are peeled once a year and flowered 3 times. The colors are red and white, and the flowers are large and beautiful. However, it only blooms, does not bear seeds, and does not reproduce. Therefore, there is only one strain in the country. It is said to be god because this tree does not know how many years of ups and downs, but it is still leafy and angry. If the local people have three diseases and two pains, just hang a red cloth on the tree, burn the fragrant paper, and worship for a few weeks, get some bark and drink some water, and the disease will be fine. Locally, no matter whether the squire, wealthy or ordinary people have children, their lives are precious. As long as they put red on the tree and hang green, burn incense and pray, worship it as borrowing the Lord and ask for blessing, and the child seems to be easy Growing up. Therefore, this tree does not know how many people and how many generations have been borrowed. In the minds of the locals, this tree is indeed very god, so it is regarded as a god tree. This is the world famous Lagerstroemia indica. It s true to say it s god. That is, Lagerstroemia indica is generally a small shrub, mostly cultivated in the courtyard. The towering crape myrtle is so rare. Then, Lagerstroemia in Guizhou belongs to the ancient relict tree species and is very precious. It is hailed as the living fossil in the plant kingdom by the scientific community. anything else? I am afraid that according to the investigations by arbor experts, there are only two strains of Lagerstroemia in the world. The other one grows in Fukuoka, Japan , and it is not as tall and large as Lagerstroemia in Guizhou.

The clear spring water of Fanfanjing Mountain nourished the people of all ethnic groups under the mountain, and also gave birth to the strong local customs and splendid national culture. Mysterious stall cultural performances, primitive and simple national customs, places of interest and historical sites, make people feel refreshed, fascinated and lingering. The quiet, mysterious, precipitous and ancient wild Fanjing Mountain attracts Chinese and foreign tourists. Visit Fanjingshan, all seasons. In spring, the mountain rhododendrons are colorful, and they are beautiful; the reckless forest in summer is a good place for summer and summer; the red leaves and autumn are spectacular; the strange peaks and stones covered with silver in winter are full of variety and will leave you an unforgettable impression.

Fanjingshan mountain chalet: about 15-30 yuan a bed. You can also live in Zhenshan Temple for 10 yuan per bed. Fast food is provided in Zhenshan Temple for 5 yuan per person.

Tourists can take the train directly to Yuping, the easternmost point of Guizhou Province. There is a tourist train to Yuping in Guiyang in the province. It takes about 6 hours. Get off at Yuping Station and transfer to Tongren. The south line of Fanjingshan is uphill from the estuary via the Heiwan River. The slope is steep and the west line is uphill from the Yinjiang River via the Zhangjiaba Huguo Temple.

1. The open halls on both sides of the Jade Emperor Hall in front of Huguo Temple have peasant women set up stoves to sell a variety of local vegetarian foods, such as wontons, dumplings, mung bean flour, vegetable tofu, buckwheat glutinous rice dumplings , Baoguo, and konjac tofu. There are also people specializing in renting quilts at cheap prices.

2, Noodles and Zhaifan are available in Zhenguo Temple for 5 or 6 yuan per person. Zhenguo Temple is under the new and old Jinding, because Fanjingshan attractions are mainly concentrated in the new and old Jinding, so it is more convenient.

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