East Lake Scenic Area [Wuhan, Hubei]

East Lake is in the eastern suburbs of Wuchang District, Wuhan City, close to the urban area. The entire East Lake Scenic Area covers an area of ​​87 square kilometers, of which the lake area is about 33 square kilometers, which is more than five times that of Hangzhou West Lake. The lakeshore of East Lake twists and turns. The mountains and lakes in Hunan are covered with mountains and rivers; the hills in the east and west of the lake are undulating; the terrain in Hubei is flat . Some people think that it has the beauty of Taihu Lake and the beauty of West Lake. It is a scenic area with great development prospects.

After more than 30 years of construction, there are now more than 70 pavilions, platforms, buildings, pavilions and various building facilities around the East Lake, and more than 2 million trees have been planted. Donghu has a wide variety of flowers and trees, which are constantly open all year round. Among them, Chunlan, Xiahe, Qiugu and Dongmei are the most famous.

According to the natural environment, the Podong Lake is divided into six tourist areas: Tingtao, Moshan, Luoyan, White Horse, Piper, and Honghong. The attractions in Tingtao District are relatively concentrated. Entering the gate of Huangpi Bay on East Lake is Tingtao District. There are weeping willows and lotus ponds along the lake, and the surrounding hills and valleys are undulating. There are many yachts moored on the shore, and the scenery is quite moving.

The scenery and commemorative buildings in Xingtao District mainly include Xingyin Pavilion, Wubao Pavilion, Zepan Guest House, Changtian Tower, Nine Women s Pier Monument, Huguang Pavilion, etc. Xingyin Pavilion was built to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, and it stands on the island of the lake between the two bridges of He Feng and Luo Yu. The pavilion is three stories high, with green tile columns, exquisite and magnificent, with a national style.

Visit the East Lake Scenic Area, you can stay at the nearby Liyuan Hotel, Binhu Hotel, etc., but the grade is relatively high. If you want to choose a cheaper accommodation, you can walk to Huanhu Road for 5 minutes to the College of Finance and Economics. There are many small guest houses nearby.

Bus routes: City Bus 578 (origin Hanyangmen), 402 (origin Wuchang Railway Station), 701 (origin Changquan), 605 (origin Xinhuaxia Road), 701 (origin Changhua Pier), 537 (origin Gutian 4th Road), Tram No . 8 (starting point Meijiashan), No. 1 special line (starting point Wangjiaxiang), 401 (starting point Baibu Pavilion), 411 (starting point Fanhu), 14 (starting point Hanyang Gate)

The Podong Lake Scenic Area produces more than 60 species of fish, the most famous of which is Wuchang fish. Visitors can enjoy the famous Wuchang fish while listening to the wind and the turbulence in Tingtao Restaurant.

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