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Dong Hot Spring is located on the Wubu River in Dongwen Town, Banan District, 68 kilometers away from the downtown area. The scenic mountains, water, forests, springs, waterfalls, gorges, caves and other natural landscapes and cultural traces and historical sites are rich. There are hot holes, ancient Buddha caves, fairy caves, Daerqi Cave, Longquan Cui Liu, pearl fountains, pocket waterfalls, longan springs, send Ziyou spring, hot spring bath, open-air nude swimming, eighteen and a half trees, Tsz Wan Twenty-four scenes including Yanying, Guanjinxiakou, Peninsula Range Rover, Cuiyun Penthouse, Cliff Walkway, Zhongshan Flying Pavilion, and Wubu River Rafting.

There are more than ten springs in Oudong Hot Spring, with a water temperature of 43 degrees Celsius and abundant water. It is the first of the four springs and contains rare minerals such as sulfur, calcium, carbon, and fluorine. A hot spring downstream of the Guanjinxiakou is regarded as shenshui by the locals and the villagers of neighboring counties and Guizhou. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn, winter, day and night, men and women bathe here, without any formality and shyness, which can be called a folklore.

In the quaint Baisha Temple, there is a strange tree over a hundred years old, called eighteen and a half, that is, half dead, half alive, half dry and half wet, half covered and half exposed, half yin and half yang, half positive and half crooked, half master and half Guest, half ancient and half modern, half old and half young, half happy and half sad, quite philosophical thinking.

There are accommodation hotels in the Laodong Hot Spring Area. The environment is pretty good ~ It is also equipped with a full set of services such as KTV, catering, etc. The main health and safety are the most important, the price is not expensive , dozens of dollars a person. Very good choice!

Take the No. 386 bus at Yumen District, Chongqing to reach Dongquan. Self-driving tourists drive on the expressway-Tea Garden-Changsheng-Huimin Ersheng-Dongquan, four kilometers from Nanping, or you can pass Nanquan-Nanhu-Dongquan About 1 hour by car.

Braised pepper pepper chicken, wild panlong yellow scallion, old bacon, Wubu River fish and Wubu pomelo that are dying out of the water are delicious, glutinous puffed rice, small swallow beef jerky and fresh farm produce.

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