East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve

Wetland description: East Dongting Lake is a large lake-shaped wide river channel that accepts the water volume of the four rivers of Xiang, Zi, Jing, and Hu in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River and Hunan. The lake is surrounded by vast swamps and plains.

Description of geographical environment: East Dongting Lake is the largest lake in the Dongting Lake system, with an average annual volume of 312.6 billion cubic meters. The annual lake capacity is 17.8 billion cubic meters, the water depth is 4-22m, and the maximum water level drop is 17.76m, Ph6.8-8.6. Its landform is a wetland landscape surrounded by ditch and harbor. The soil is lake mucky soil and river mucky soil. The annual average temperature is 17 ° C. The annual average temperature of the lake red-crowned crane is 17.5 ° C. The total precipitation is 1200-1300mm, and the frost-free period is 258-275 days.

Ecological description: The lake is rich in submerged, floating and emerging plants. A total of 131 aquatic plants were recorded, belonging to 40 families and 75 genera. Common submerged plants include Carex, black algae, floating plants such as lotus, sedge and duckweed ; emerging plants include water candle and reed. The wetlands are surrounded by paddy fields and other crops.

Protected area: There is a land and water jurisdiction of 67500ha; other 12460ha jurisdictions are jointly owned by the protected area and other units.

Protective measures have been taken: ① Circular issued by the local municipal government to manage protected areas in 1988; ② Hunting is prohibited in protected areas since 1984; ③ There are strict fishing periods, fishing methods and fishing operations each year; ④ 4 per year In the first week of the month, the Bird Love Week will be held and October will be designated as Crane Protection Month every year; ⑤ The management organization of the protected area and the relevant local units will form a joint protection and management committee for the natural environment and natural resources.

Hydrological and natural value: The lake and wetland play a huge role as a natural storage reservoir, and play a key role in controlling the water level during the summer flood period around the Yangtze River Basin and Dongting Lake. The lake is also an important fishery production base in Hunan Province.

Social and cultural value: The area is surrounded by important agricultural production areas in Hunan Province. Rice and other crops are the main economic income of agriculture. There are many historical and cultural sites in Yueyang City next to the lake, which have important cultural value .

Famous animal population: This place is a migratory waterfowl and its important wintering place. The main waterfowl populations are: geese, white-headed cranes, gray cranes, black storks, and 11 types of ducks. The mammals dolphin and finless porpoise often appear on the lake surface of East Dongting Lake. There are 20 kinds of economically valuable fishes in the lake, such as Chinese sturgeon and white sturgeon.

Famous botanical community: Wetland vegetation is composed of plant communities mainly composed of willow family, butterfly love flower family, poaceae, asteraceae, sedge family, oviaceae, water lily.

Current conservation publicity: Hold Bird Love Week and Crane Protection Month activities every year, and use radio, television, pictures and large billboards to publicize the importance of protecting waterfowl and wetlands.

Current entertainment and tourism activities: Many tourists visit the Junshan Scenic Area within the protected area in summer. In addition, an international dragon boat competition is held every year; from November to March the following year is the winter bird watching season.

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