East and West Weizhou (West Island)

The West Island, also known as Luan Island, is located in the Sanya Bay National Nature Reserve. The island covers an area of ​​2.8 square kilometers and has a population of more than 3,000. It is 8 kilometers away from Sanya, 25 minutes away by boat in the city, and 15 minutes away by boat at the Pearl Farm Pier. Because it is far away from the city, the sea water is less polluted, the island is beautiful, the air is fresh, the beach is soft, and the sea water is clear. The sea around the island is full of beautiful corals, which are well preserved and gather various colorful tropical marine fishes. The tropical marine ecosystem is a great place for a relaxing holiday.

Luxi Island Sea Amusement World combines a variety of marine leisure and recreational activities in one, making use of the excellent natural conditions of the West Island to provide tourists with a tropical style, exciting and leisurely leisure resort.

At present, the amusement world includes fishing and diving, motorboats, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, banana boats, underwater strolls, glass boat sightseeing and other recreational items. The fishing club is currently the largest and best fishing club in Sanya. There are several offshore fishing platforms in the east of the West Island. The largest fishing platform covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters and can accommodate more than 100 people fishing at the same time. Boxes and music cafes are provided on the platform, allowing visitors to enjoy tea and fishing in the soft music. At the same time, experienced fishermen can provide guidance and help at any time. Fish caught on the spot can be made into delicious soup or processed on the island restaurant, which is a rare treat. There are hundreds of light and easy-to-use fishing tackles on the platform for tourists. In the sea area around the fishing platform, there are tens of thousands of artificial fish nests an d long-term fishing bait, which makes a large number of fishes in this area cluster and reproduce, such as sea carp and squirrelfish., Snapper, damselfish, grouper, elephant fish, stone dog male, budgerigar, yellow tail, etc. Fishing here will definitely return. At the same time, in order to meet the higher interest of tourists, the club has prepared several 16-seater, 7-seater and 5-seater luxury speedboats to provide tourists with leisurely and romantic yacht fishing, so that guests can go boating and fishing in the long sea.

In the west of the island, it is our diving area. Hundreds of imported equipment and more than 30 star trainers are here to provide tourists with the best service at any time. The water depth here is 10-20 meters, the sea water is clear and the visibility is high. There are many types of underwater creatures. Here you can see beautiful staghorn corals, crown corals and tropical fish such as lionfish, clownfish, Tsing Yi, angelfish, and other marine life such as starfish, anemone, sea urchin, and conch. It is an excellent dive. Sea area.

A wide and soft sandy beach in the northwest corner of the West Island is the main venue for swimming and various marine sports in the recreational world. Here tourists can choose their favorite sports, including motorboats, sailing boats, banana boats, parasailing, water skiing , luxury Speed ​​boat boats, etc., all facilities are new and safe. After having fun, visitors can enjoy a variety of wild seafood and Hainan specialties at the 900-square-meter seaside restaurant in the Recreation World. At night, tourists can drop down the marine hotel converted from a 1,000-ton cruise ship and participate in our various night activities, such as night fishing, night diving, and beach bonfire parties, etc., and experience the joy of returning to nature.

From the pier to the West Island, there is a boat at any time for the world of entertainment, ranging from 4 speedboats to 70 ferries, providing the most convenient service for tourists. Here we sincerely welcome you to our West Island for a leisurely and romantic holiday.

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