Drum Tower [Xi’an, Shaanxi]

Drum Tower is located on the north of Xidajie Road. It was built in the 13th year of Emperor Taiyuan Zhu Yuan Zhang Hongwu (AD 1350).

The Drum Tower is rectangular with a base of 33 meters and an area of ​​1204.3 square meters. The base is made of blue brick, with a height of 7.7 meters and a width of 52.6 meters. The building is built in the center of the pedestal, and the structure is the top of the double eaves. The upper and lower floors are two-story.

The Drum Tower was built in the 13th year of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (1380), four years older than the Bell Tower, and has a history of 611 years. It was repaired twice in the Qing Dynasty. The original drum was upstairs, and the drumming was called in the evening, so it was named Drum Tower. There were huge plaques hanging under the eaves of the old buildings. The south is the place of cultural and military prosperity and the north is sound of the sky . The Drum Tower Dou Gong is painted colorfully, with a solemn and gorgeous appearance, and the Bell Tower is a sister building.

The Drum Tower is a classical building with a rectangular base and made of blue brick. The building is 33 meters high and has an area of ​​1,924 square meters. There is a north-south coupon gate in the center of the building, connecting the north courtyard gate and the west street. The building structure adopts the double-eave three-drop water type and the Xieshan glazed tile roof form, which is in harmony with the bell tower. There is a ladder in the building to go up to the second floor. The railing can overlook the landscape of Zhongnan Mountain and the whole city.

The Bell Tower was not destroyed after the earthquake, but it was in disrepair for many years before it was stationed in the army. After the liberation, the government funded several renovations, changing the old look into a new one, and becoming a symbolic building in Xi an.

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