Drip Kettle Natural Scenic Area

Located in Xiawan Village, Qianjiadian Town, at the junction of Huairou County and 70 kilometers northeast of Yanqing County, it is a small waterfall with unique form. Due to the drop of about 20 meters, the sound of water is roaring, and the upper part of the waterfall is small, like water pouring from a pot, hence the name Drip Kettle.

In the scenic area, the valley is deep, the peaks are competitive, and the forest is lush, showing the mountains and rivers flowing green. In the ancient times, the crust changed to form many karst caves with strange shapes, and there were holes in the caves, and there were ponds in the caves. The torrent is raging in the gorge, and the rushing valley water flies from the cliffs and cliffs that are tens of meters and hundreds of meters high. Looking up, there are waterfalls falling all over the valley, echoes like thunder, spray waves and mist.

The winter landscape of the drip kettle is very characteristic. The cliffs on both sides of the waterfall are covered with ice, the ice is scattered on the thickets, and the outside of the water stream is frozen into a translucent ice bucket. The water in the bucket is still flowing. Under the sun, It s fascinating and beautiful. Because of the constant temperature of the spring water, the four seasons of grass grow under the waterfall.

The Wulong Gorge Natural Scenic Area is characterized by its wonderful green mountains, valleys, clear waters, and pleasures. The rushing rapids, the cascading waterfalls, and the magnificent sights have become deep mountains. Exotic landscape. You can cook your own fresh fish in the drip kettle Wulong Canyon. There are also artificially released hares, pheasants, wild pigeons, etc., visitors can hunt their favorite prey.

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