Drift in Huangtengxia and feel the passion

This year, the name of Huang Tengxia Drifting was always heard, and there were more messages from friends on the website to head to Huang Tengxia Drifting. Huang Tengxia rafting seems to have become a rafting hotspot this year in the continuous rapids of northern Guangdong.

In fact, it was after I arrived at Huang Tengxia that I understood why this place received so much attention. This drifting place is in a natural canyon with strange rocks and beautiful scenery. No wonder so many people like it.

Huangteng Gorge rafting is 4 kilometers in length. Here the mountains are wonderful, the rocks are strange, and the flowers are lush.

Huang Tengxia is not far from the Qingyuan urban area, only five kilometers away from the urban area. The car just turned a corner. I didn t expect that the city had been left behind, and unknowingly it had entered a beautiful valley.

When I went to Huangtengxia, it was not a weekend or a festival, but we were surprised to see that a lot of tourist cars had been parked at the entrance of Huangtengxia, and some tourists who had just drifted out of the tourist area, with excitement on their faces. Smiley seems to be overwhelming.

We boarded a tourist bus and headed up the drifting river valley, and the starting point of the drifting was at the top of the canyon. Along the way, the canyon scenery of Huangtengxia opened like a picture. This is a natural canyon. A narrow mountain road from the edge of the canyon is a road for cars, but other than that, the canyon has not been damaged in any way. We looked down from the top. The stones standing on both sides of the gorge still maintained the original style . In the drifting river, each piece of stone basically maintained its natural shape, creating a rapids shoal. Trees seem to grow out of the cracks in the stones, and they embellish the scenery of the whole canyon.

Going up the mountain road, the canyon seems to be getting steeper and steeper. Listening to the sound of the current, you will know how exciting the drifting feeling will be. Along the way, everyone s mood gradually became more and more excited, because the thrilling drifting journey is about to begin.

Finally reached the starting point of the Warrior Drift. Here is a wide platform with layers of colorful rafting boats. Tourists quickly put on life jackets here, a lively and exciting scene. The staff told us that on the day of the highest peak, tens of thousands of tourists would be welcomed. Basically, it has been so hot every day since it was opened.

The staff who brought us up was a little local girl with an excited glow on her tanned face. The little girl seemed to feel my contemplative eyes. She gazed at the mountains and rocks that I could not tire of everyday, and then said to me that I like the valleys here the most.

The valley seen here seems quiet and peaceful. The mountains, stones, water, and trees are combined together, and the light of the sun shines. This mountain forest seems to be cleaned by flowing water, clear, clean, flawless, and human. The mood also seems to be clarified in general. I suddenly understood the feeling of this little girl.

Huang Tengxia rafting is divided into two parts. Starting from the upstream, it is a warrior drifting. If it starts from the middle section, it is a dynamic and joyful drifting. Of course, the warrior drift is exciting. Why is it called warrior ? Take a look at this set of data to understand: Warrior drift is 2.5 kilometers in length, with a total drop of 168 meters, the highest drop is up to 12 meters, and there are more than 130 drops. Office. All the way down, the whole person s mood is always spent in tension.

So, start to feel like a warrior! Sitting in the kayak, holding the handles on both sides tightly, preparing, the first rapids, closed his eyes, did not dare to look, and leaned forward slightly. Before making preparations, the rubber boat was planted in the pool below, as if people and the small boat leapt down together. The screams had not yet come out, and the rapids were behind. When you haven t adjusted your mood yet, another rapid is coming. With a bang in your ears, the boat tossed away in the turbulent current, and the water splash hit the helmet. The ears only heard the roar of water. The rapids in succession make people and dinghy jump in the rapids, and the screams can almost be used as the accompaniment.

When the rapids with a drop of 12 meters came face to face, the small boat fell into another rapid with a cascading waterfall, rushing the rapids to the next vortex, jumping and jumping in the water, and Rotate until all of a sudden, the rubber boat jumps into a quiet pool of water, calms down, and the screams seem to be still in the ear, but the most exciting level has been passed. The calmness of the pool of water makes you doubt that you have really been flying like that just now. Is the stimulus going down? Switching between dynamic and static can also be done so quickly, with almost no meaning of transition.

Alas, along the trickling stream, began a calm and pleasant joy drift. The happy drifting water is not too urgent, and the water is stable, allowing visitors to slowly flow down without having to paddle. At this time, I felt the wonderful scenery on both sides of the strait. The feeling that people drift in the water, like swimming in a painting, is particularly obvious here.

Transportation: Guangzhou does not have a direct bus to Huangtengxia. You can take a bus to Qingyuan first, and then take a taxi to Huangtengxia in the city. According to some experienced people, the taxi fare is about 30 yuan one way, because there is no shuttle bus for the return trip, you can ask the taxi driver s contact information, including round trip. Self-driving is more convenient. After reaching the Qingyuan city via the Guangqing Expressway, cross the Beijiang Bridge, turn right, and after passing the Pioneer Bridge, see the scenic archway turning inward.

2. Pay attention to safety and wear life jackets and helmets under the guidance of staff. During the rafting, the boats will splash water on each other for pleasure. When encountering enemy ships, do not overplay, and do not intentionally shake the raft or push or pull others rafts, which will bring danger.

3. Basically, the whole body will be wet, so please don t bring anything that can t wet the body. The process is more intense. Things like glasses are best tied with a rope to prevent them from falling out. You should also pay attention to your clothes. You must walk a short distance with your body wet after you come up. Don t wear slippers too loose, unless you think it is okay to lose one.

4. Always wear life jackets and hard hats. No one can guarantee that you will not 100% capsize and when it will capsize. It is very dangerous for the whole person to be washed down if it is turned over the rapids of the fall. In case of falling into the water, don t panic. With the help of a life jacket, you will not sink into the water, but drifting in the mountains, there are many rocks on both sides. Keep calm and avoid touching the rocks and trees on both sides. If you have the chance, you can grab the dependants on both sides and wait for the rescue workers to arrive.

5. Prepare for the cold. Because after being rinsed with water many times, I started to feel cold. However, there will be ginger soup to drink after landing, so you don t have to prepare too many things to dispel the cold.

There are four major characteristics of rafting in the Huangteng Gorge Canyon: the original pebble can be seen along the way; the water quality of the river is clear; the smog along the way is very mysterious; you can watch the magnificent waterfall on the way .

The rafting is located at the foot of Bijia Mountain, a 20-minute drive from downtown Qingyuan. The Huangtengxia raft is 4 kilometers in length, divided into Mengshi drift and Warrior drift. Among them, the Warrior drift is 2.5 kilometers long, with a total of more than 130 drop positions, a total drop of 166 meters, a maximum drop of 12 meters, and a maximum drop of nearly 100 meters. More than 120 minutes.

The drifting canyon is majestic and magnificent. Here the mountains are wonderful, the rocks are strange, and the flowers are lush. If you are in a painting, you can enjoy the surging, exciting and safe rafting. You can also watch the spectacular waterfalls on the way, and enjoy a leisurely swim.

There are three options to go to Huangtengxia rafting: Those who like to stimulate and can withstand the challenge can choose to raft from the top starting point, so that you won t miss any opportunity to make you worry, the whole process will go down , and your throat will be hoarse. If you are worried that your heart can t bear it, you can start from the second starting point without overstimulation. The third starting point closest to the end point is most suitable for those who just want to go boating leisurely.

Huangtengxia Rafting is located at the foot of Bijia Mountain, a 20-minute drive from Qingyuan City. The gorge is based on the theme of natural ecology: mountains and rivers are full of flowers and water, loops of water—the mountains and rivers have no doubt, and there is no other way to look at the willows and flowers. Xie Qianchi, the blue wave phantom, the boat shuttle, the Qinpa lightly danced.

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