Dongshan Island Tourism

Dongshan Island is located between Xiamen and Shantou Special Economic Zones in China. It is 110 nautical miles east of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and 210 nautical miles south of Hong Kong. There are 32 islands around the island, with a total area of ​​194 square kilometers. It is a key tourist area in Fujian Province.

Dongshan Island is an important port for Fujian s foreign trade and economic and trade relations with Taiwan. It is a 21st-century port tourism city approved by the Fujian Provincial People s Government. It is also a key investment port for Fujian to build a prosperous zone on the west side of the Strait. Dongshan Island has warm winters and cool summers, and it is frost-free all year round. The annual average temperature is 20.8 degrees Celsius. The scenery of Dongshan has the characteristics of the southern coast . Seven crescent-shaped bays of the main island are connected end to end. It stretches over 30 kilometers and is a natural beach. Scenic places: Tongshan Ancient City, Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang, Zheng Chenggong Tunbing Site, University Scholar Huang Daozhou s Former Residence, Shenjing Village; Copper Mountain Wind Stone, known as The World s First Strange Stone , and Stone Monk s Tower, etc. are all interesting and natural., Tiger, lion, and elephant four islands are lifelike, exquisite and vivid, making people forget to return.

Dongshan County is located at 23 degrees 42 minutes north latitude and 117 degrees 25 minutes longitude east. It is located at the southern end of Fujian Province, bordering the Taiwan Strait in the east and across the sea from Taiwan; it borders Lu an Bay in the west and is just across the water from Zhao an County; the southeast is the junction of the southern Fujian fishery and the eastern Guangdong fishery; the northwest is at the eight-foot sea The embankment borders Yunxiao County and leads directly to all parts of the mainland; Dongshan Bay in the northeast is adjacent to the Gulei Peninsula in Zhangpu County. It is 150 kilometers from Xiamen and 135 kilometers from Shantou. It goes 164 nautical miles east of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and 210 nautical miles south of Hong Kong.

Tongquan County is composed of Dongshan Island and 44 surrounding small islands (the farthest from the main island is the Brother Island, and the nearest is Buliyu Island), with a total area of ​​194 square kilometers. Among them, the main island Dongshan covers an area of ​​188 square kilometers, is the second largest island in Fujian Province, with a total coastline of 141.3 kilometers, and the surrounding islands cover an area of ​​6 square kilometers.

Dongshan County is surrounded by the sea on all sides, narrow from east to west and long from north. The narrowest point in the east is only 2 kilometers and the widest point is 27.5 kilometers. It looks like a dancing butterfly, which is known as the Butterfly Island. It belongs to the low hilly platform on the seashore and was formed by the Yanshan Movement of the Mesozoic and Zhuluo Period. The surface of the territory is cut and broken, the hills are undulating, and the sea level is below 274.3 meters. The terrain is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The southeast belongs to the coastal plain and the northwest has low hills. The county has 413 hills, with the highest Sufeng mountain and sea being 274.3 meters.

The earliest place name was Dongshan. According to relevant historical records, such as Bamin Tongzhi and Minutes in Reading History, there is an island in the east of Zhangzhi, and a verdant and towering mountain on the island, called Dongshan ( that is, Sufeng Mountain). People admire this mountain, and the name of the mountain is Dongshan Island. This mountain is also called Lingshan. Later, the island was also called Lingdao.

Tongdong Mountain is located on the edge of the Tropic of Cancer and borders on the ocean. The climate here is good, there is no severe cold in winter, and not hot in summer. The monthly average gas thermometer is about 13 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in July is about 27 degrees Celsius. Seven arched moon-shaped beaches surrounded by the coast of the main island. The sand is white, the waves are clean, the trees are clear, the island is beautiful, and there are many places of interest. There are wind stones known as the first strange stone in the world, Dongmen Island, the four famous islands in China, the endless sea, the rising sun and the setting sun …

Oudongshan has now built four unique scenic spots: wind-moving stones, tower islands, pilgrimage sightseeing and tourist areas; Ma Yizhu popular beach resort, Jinliao Bay recreation and leisure area, and Wujiaowan Forest Recreation Area.

I personally took a fishing boat from Xia an Village, Gugang Town, Zhangpu, to Dongshan Island. I flew in a small fishing boat, blowing a slightly salty sea breeze, and the sky, people and the sea were one. The price of a fishing boat going back and forth is around one hundred yuan, and you can agree with the fishermen on the return time, and wait at the docking point. Man-made pollution has appeared on the Gold Coast of Dongshan Island. The coast of Xia an Village is quite clean and you can enjoy swimming, but please protect the environment. There are fishermen s own houses in Xia an Village for visitors. The price is about 30 yuan, with air-conditioning. Please bring your own daily necessities. Xia an Village mainly focuses on abalone farming, and scallops are sold for about one hundred yuan. The main scenic spots of Dongshan Island are Fengdongyan, Wushengdian, ancient banyan trees, and the ancient city wall left by Qi Jiguang (constructed in the late Ming Dynasty). There is also a line of sky. The island s spinning tower is not yet under construction. In the middle, the price of the motorcycle on the island is about five yuan, and two adults take one child.

Dongshan Island is about 170 kilometers from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and 130 kilometers from Shantou Waisha International Airport. You can take a flight to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport or Shantou Waisha International Airport, and then take a direct bus to Dongshan Island. Dongshan Island.

Dongshan Island is about 190 kilometers from Xiamen Railway Station and 130 kilometers from Zhangzhou Railway Station. You can take a passenger train bound for Xiamen Railway Station or Zhangzhou Railway Station, and then take a bus bound for Dongshan Island directly to Dongshan Island.

备 [Note: Passenger trains from different places to Xiamen Railway Station first arrived at Zhangzhou Railway Station (sometimes get off at Guokeng Station) and purchased the departure place-Xiamen passengers can also choose to get off at Zhangzhou Station]

Friends inside and outside the province can inquire at the bus station if there is a bus bound for Dongshan Island. If you have one, you can take a direct bus to Dongshan Island. If you dont have one, you can also take a cross bus at Changshan Station on the National Highway 324 Get off and transfer to Dongshan Island.

Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Shantou and other places have direct shuttle buses to Dongshan Island. You can take a bus, plane or train to Shantou and transfer bus from Xiamen to Dongshan. You can also take a train to Xiamen and get off at Zhangzhou. Xiamen s Hubin South Road bus station departs daily to Dongshan at 8 am and 1 pm, and there is also a bus to Wucun Bus Station (opposite the train station).

Xiudong Hotel is located in the South Gate Seawall of Tongling Town, Dongshan County, adjacent to the Taiwan Compatriots Reception Station. Facing the vast sea, it can watch the sunrise in the morning and watch the moon and the sea in the evening ., Private rooms, guest rooms and karaoke dance halls, local characteristic shopping malls, stadiums, martial arts fitness rooms, etc. It can accommodate more than 300 meals and housing for more than 60 people at one time. It is a comprehensive service place that integrates food, housing, tourism, entertainment, shopping, and sports and sports.

Laodongshan sea area is the center of the southern Fujian fishing grounds, which is rich in seafood, especially famous for lobster and grouper. The main seafood products are dried squid, cuttlefish and dried shrimp. Its prices are roughly: dried squid 20-65 yuan / kg (prices vary according to the size and thickness of the meat); cuttlefish 40-55 yuan / kg; dried shrimp 50 yuan / kg; shelled shrimp 20-30 yuan / kg.

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