Dongpo Pavilion Tourism

Dongpo Pavilion is located in Hepu County, Hepu Normal School. Surrounded by green water, the scenery is excellent. According to legend, it is the residential site of Su Dongpo from Changhua to Lianzhou.

Dongpo Pavilion is divided into two front and rear, with surrounding corridors, double-eaves and the top of the mountain. It is a brick-wood structure. The upper part of the main pavilion s main entrance is hung with a large plaque Dongpo Pavilion . The front wall of the pavilion is embedded with Su Dongpo stone carvings and other poems. More than ten inscriptions were carved. There is a Dongpo well to the east of the pavilion. Legend has it that it was dug by Su Dongpo himself. The well water is clear and sweet. The east side of the pavilion is Dongpo Park. The pavilion is surrounded by the lake, the waves are dazzling, the weeping willows are shaded, and the scenery is beautiful. For the county s key cultural relics protection units and Hepu tourist attractions.

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