Dongjianghu Scenic Area [Yunzhou, Hunan]

The Dongjiang Lake Scenic and Tourist Area takes Dongjiang Lake as its main body, and features Dongjiang rapids shoal, Lingdual Lingjing, Longjing Gorge, and island community landscapes. It is a lake for tourism, leisure, and wellness. The island-type tourist area , with a total area of ​​200 square kilometers, combines the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the charm of the water, and the beautiful scenery of the southern country of China and the historical civilization of the city. It is known as a lake in the sky and thousands of scenes in it.

The main landscapes in the region are: Dongjiang Lake, with a huge 160 square kilometers of water and smoky waves, 8.12 billion cubic meters of crystal tombs. The water quality meets the national first-class drinking water standards. Due to the scattered islands and different attitudes in the lake area, the lakes and mountains are undulating and clustering. The mountains are green, the lake is dazzling, and the cruise ships are shuttles. It has unique characteristics such as male, strange, show, secluded, open, and interesting. It is known as Southern Hunan Dongting, Eastern Switzerland. From April to November every year, the 12-kilometer-long Xiaodong River is filled with clouds and haze, and the mist is transpiration. It looks like a jade belt floating in the canyon and is known as Chinese Wonderland, Universe Wonder.

The fine project Dongjiang Drifting is 28 kilometers in total, with a drop of 75 meters, and there are 108 dangerous beaches. It is famous for its primary forests on both sides of the river, lush, vines entwined, birds and flowers, and large drops, long drifts, and natural drifting. It is known as China s first eco-tourism .

There are dense waterfalls and flowing springs in the Longjing Gorge, and old trees and ancient vines are attached to the wall. The air in the scenic area has more than 90,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. It is the most densely known negative ions in the country and it is known as natural oxygen bar.

These landscapes, various postures and unique characteristics constitute a picturesque and unique ecological scenery map, which provides a unique resource base for the development of tourism in our city. In 1991, the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourism Area was approved by the Hunan Provincial People s Government to become a provincial-level scenic spot. In 1996, the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourism Area was rated as the best tourist destination by the public in Hunan Province, and the Dongjiang River Rafting was rated as the most popular in Hunan Province by the public . Best Tourism Special Activities; In 1997, 1998, and 2001, the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourism Area was successively rated as the Best Tourism Scenic Spot (Spot) by the Hunan Tourism Bureau, and in 1998 it was listed as 98 Huaxia Urban and Rural by the National Tourism Administration . Tour the classic scenic spots of Qingshan. At present, the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourism Area has become a key base for eco-tourism, vacation and leisure in Hunan Province. In 2001, it received a total of 552,300 domestic and foreign tourists, and became a golden tourist route of the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and a religious tourist destination of Hunan Province Bright pearl. On October 25, 2002, the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourism Area was rated as AAAA-level Scenic Tourism Area by the National Tourism Administration.

Dongjiang Drifting Accommodation (1) There are hotels and private hotels in Huangcao Town to provide accommodation, which can accommodate a total of five or six hundred people, slightly better for thirty or forty yuan per bed, cheaper one to twenty yuan, but Slightly more expensive during peak tourist seasons.

(2) Taurus Bay Resort. On the shore of the tributary of the Dongjiang River, there are two master bedroom areas, one is a castle-style building and the other is a hanging-foot building style, all of which are wooden structures. There are bathroom, balcony, comfortable environment and clean.

Yongdongjiang Lake is located in the southeast of Shengzhou City, close to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the 107 National Road, 38 kilometers from the city center, and 20 minutes away from the high-grade highway. Tourists can choose the following routes to reach Dongjianghu:

(1) Take Bus No. 18 or No. 26 and get off at Luzhou South Station. 1. Take the bus from Luzhou to Dongjiang Dam at South Station to directly reach Dongjiang Lake 2. Take the bus from Luzhou to Zixing (Liyujiang, New District) at South Station to Liyujiang Bus Station and take bus No. 3 to Dongjiang Lake.

Twenty-two, tourists with their own cars On the 107 National Road, Luzhou Wuling Square, along the Ziyu high-grade highway to Liyujiang Bridge (large-scale publicity map of Dongjiang Drifting), drive 13 kilometers to the right to Dongjiang Lake.

Ticket prices for various attractions in the Dongjianghu Scenic Resort The tickets for the attractions in the Dongjianghu Scenic Resort are subject to a joint ticket system and are sold by the Dongjiangmenlou Ticketing Center (the entrance to the Dongjianghu Scenic Resort, 12 kilometers away from Dongjianghu ). Although the ticket price of each attraction is the same as that of the gatehouse, there is no discount for purchasing tickets at the attraction. Tourists can choose different routes according to their needs: Line A: Tour Dongjianghu 10 yuan / person Line B : Tour Dongjianghu, visit the Dou Lingling King Cave 35 yuan / person C line: Special event for Dongjianghu and Dongjiang rafting: 145 yuan / person D line: Dongjianghu, Dou Lingyan, Dongjiang rafting 170 yuan / person Optional item: skydiving 80 yuan / person, Longjing Canyon 20 yuan / person

Remarks: 1. Lines C and D in the above prices include insurance and price adjustment funds. 2. The above prices do not include boat fees. 3. Optional items are not sold at the gate gate. Ticket Office of the gate gate: 3356623 (fax)

Salmon, also known as rainbow trout, is a precious cold-water fish that can be eaten raw. In the past, it relied on imports. Last year, Zixing introduced foreign capital to establish a breeding and development base and developed more than 400 cages . It became the only province in the province and the largest in central and southern regions. Cold water fish breeding development base. The fish has a beautiful shape and a beautiful rainbow line on each side, hence the name of the rainbow trout. This fish can only grow in a pollution-free water environment, and is rich in protein and multivitamins, making it the best food for health.

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