Donghu Plum Blossom Festival China Tourism Net

The Donghu Moshan Plum Garden, completed in 1956, is the first of my four large plum gardens, covering an area of ​​33.5 hectares. Since 1982, large-scale plum exhibitions have been held in the East Lake every year in the early spring . Meiyuan has held large-scale plum appreciation events such as the International Plum Blossom Festival in 1991, the fifth National Plum Blossom Plum Exhibition in 1997, and the first plum blossom festival in Wuhan, China in 2002. During the Plum Blossom Festival, more than 200 varieties of plum blossoms and plum clusters of various genres can be seen in the Moshan Plum Garden, as well as a number of plum blossom sceneries, plum painting and calligraphy photography exhibitions, and plum performances.

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