Dongba Culture Museum

The Naxi people are a people with a long history and splendid culture in southwest China. With a current population of 280,000, Lijiang County, Yunnan Province is the residence area for its king. It is famous for its ancient and unique Dongba culture.

Lijiang Naxi Dongba Culture Museum was established in 1984 and is located at the northern end of Heilongtan, a famous scenic spot in Lijiang. Now there are 29 employees, including offices, missions, security, cultural relics collection, display, cultural relics protection unit management and cultural relics stores. Dongba Culture News and Lijiang Naxi Dongba Culture School have been founded successively.

The museum contains more than 10,000 pieces of Dongba cultural relics and various historical relics. Various special exhibitions have been held over the years, including basic exhibitions such as Dongba Culture Exhibition and Lijiang Ancient City Cultural Relics Exhibition, which receive more than 100,000 visitors per day. Lijiang Naxi Dongba Culture Museum attaches importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation. It has established friendly relations with museums of Canada and Switzerland, and successfully held Naxi Dongba culture exhibitions in Switzerland and Canada.

The architecture of the Naxi Dongba Culture Museum in Lili River is arranged according to the development series of Naxi folk houses. Utilizing the natural source of Yuquan water and the natural landscape of the western foot of Xiangshan, the ancient human cave dwellings, nest dwellings, semi-cave dwellings, tent dwellings, dry fence dwellings, and wooden corrugated houses, Sanfang Yizhaobi, and Sitai Wutianjing are developed from north to south. Folk houses, with folk cultural relics that reflect the productivity of the Naxi people in various periods. Folk custom and religious ritual scenes such as sacrifice to the sky, sacrifice to the wind, and sacrifice department (natural gods) were opened to perform Dongba sacrifice performances for the audience.

The Dongba Culture Museum combines the traditional closed static display form with the modern open dynamic display form, allowing the audience to follow the trajectory of Dongba culture development. Tian Jin has entered the human childhood from ancient times to fully appreciate the Naxi people. Long and rich traditional culture. The Dongba Cultural Museum is responsible for the multiple tasks of collecting, sorting, researching and publicizing historical relics, inheriting and promoting Dongba culture, protecting and managing cultural relics and historic sites in the county, and managing and operating cultural relics markets . The country s top ten county-level excellent museums have won the honor of being the nation s advanced cultural collective, and have been listed as a patriotic education base in Yunnan Province.

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