Dongao Island Tour, Tickets and Scenic Spots Introduction

Dongao Island is located in the middle of Wanshan Islands, covering an area of ​​4.62 square kilometers. The waters around Dongao Island are clear and pollution-free. Surfing, diving and windsurfing are the main tourist items here. Accommodation is available on the island, and seafood is the best food here. In the east of the island, there is an ancient fortress built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. There are stone carvings such as Wanhai Pingbo in the dense forest. In the middle , there is a white jade statue of Guanyin and a fairy spring. Along the Tongtian Ancient Road, go straight to the top of the axe to the mountain.

东 Of the many islands in the Wanshan Islands, Dong ao Island is the most charming. The forests of Dong ao Island under construction are lush and some of them have ancient trees. Set foot on Dongao, the azure sea water, the green mountains, the smoke of the fishing village, the fishing boats and sampan boards moored on the shore, make you feel like you have walked into the world, leaving the hustle and bustle of the long-stayed city.

On Dong ao Island, the most attractive thing is the beach. Dong ao Island has three sandy beaches: Nansha Bay, Dazhu Bay, and Xiaozhu Bay. Nansha Bay is the best, and enjoys the reputation of diamond beach. This is a rare beach in downtown Zhuhai or nearby islands. The sand is white and delicate, the sea water is crystal clear, the beach is smooth and wide, and the waves are not large. It is a good place for surfing and bathing.

According to reports, Dong ao Island was the most prosperous island in the Wanshan Islands during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are more than 3,000 residents on the island, including agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, and business. It is only because of frequent wars that the population moved inwards that gradually lost its former glory. On the island, there are still soldiers and civilians defending the island from the end of the Ming dynasty. Tiecheng, Beacon, etc. In addition, there are the old sites of the Japanese airfield when the Japanese invaded China, and some abandoned military tunnels.

Mid-level villa rooms are more expensive, but definitely worth the money for those who enjoy romance. Enjoy the sun, sea breeze, and tide sounds during the day, and enjoy the clear moonlight and starry sky at night.

Gongbei Bus Station of Qiaosong Bus Station operates every half an hour from 07:30 am to 19:00 pm, leaving every hour or half. Gongbei Bus Station-Provincial Bus Station, operates every half an hour from 06:00 to 18:30 in the afternoon.

Arrive in Zhuhai, pass Mingzhu Road to Meihua Road, then turn from Meihua Road to Fenghuang Road, turn to Fengzhou Road at South Fenghuang Road, and park your car here. Take a boat to Dongao Island.

Take the express boat at 09:45 in the morning at Zhuzhou Xiangzhou Passenger Terminal and arrive at Dong ao Island Terminal in 45 minutes. Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port to Dongao Island ferry ticket price: 53 yuan.

Traffic on Dong ao Island 4 yuan from the dock to the villa; 1 yuan from the villa to the hotel; 1 yuan from the villa to the villa; 7 yuan from the villa to the barracks; 3 yuan from the barracks to the dock ; 1 yuan from the hotel to the villa; 4 villas to Qiuquan 4 Yuan; Qiuquan to the dock 5 yuan.

Island Shanghai is extremely rich in products, and is located on the edge of the continental shelf, with excellent seafood quality. The three treasures of the island are: sea urchin, general hat, and dog claw. Most of the seafood on the island are fresh seafood from the sunrise. Facing the sea, the wine is in the wind, and the seafood is fine. It is a great enjoyment of life.

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