Diecai Mountain Tour Tickets and Scenic Spots

The old name of Diecai Mountain is Guishan, which is located in the northeast of Guilin city, and borders the Li River. Diecai Mountain stands tall with Duxiu Peak in the city and Fubo Mountain on the banks of the Li River. It is also a tourist attraction in the city.

Lidiecai Mountain covers an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers and is composed of Mingyue Peak, Xianhe Peak, Siwang Mountain, and Yuyue Mountain. It has a beautiful scenery and is easy to climb. It is a hot spot in Guilin mountain scenery.

There are many beautiful sceneries in Laoshan, such as Diecai Pavilion, Yuyue Pavilion, Qu Zhang Ergongcheng Renbei, Yangzhitang, Wind Tunnel, Diecai Building, Wangjiang Pavilion and Nayun Pavilion. There are many cliff stone carvings of famous celebrities on the mountain, which are the essence of cultural relics. If you reach the peak of Mingyue, stop at Nayun Pavilion, and the picture of the city will be drawn. On one side, there is a clear wind and mountains, and I wonder if the wonderland is on earth.

The name of Diecai Mountain was written by Diancai s nephew Yuan Hui, who visited Diecai Mountain, and wrote Diecai Mountain , which states: According to the scriptures, the mountains are lined with stone texts, and the color is green. Cai Ran, hence the name. Diecai mountains and stones such as brocade satin, named after layers. In the right corner of the dice pavilion created by Qing writer Qin Huan, you can see the cliffs traversed by Mingyue Peak. If the brocade is colorful, this is the best angle for photography.

There are a lot of food shops near Biancaicai Mountain, and any one can satisfy tourists of all tastes. If you want to eat Guilin rice noodles, come out of the park. The rice noodles here are not inferior to others that can be famous, especially the beef noodles in the morning. There are also local specialties such as Guilin Lingchuan dog meat, Yaoshan spring chicken, Yangshuo beer fish, etc.

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