Diaoyucheng tour, tickets and scenic spots introduction

Diaoyu City is located on the Diaoyu Mountain on the south bank of the Jialing River in Heyang Town, Hechuan City, covering an area of ​​2,500 square meters. It is a famous ancient battlefield site at home and abroad. The mountain was named after a legend that a giant boulder on the mountain was fishing a fish in the Jialing River in order to relieve the famine of a people. Diaoyucheng has thousands of cliffs, majestic and solid ancient city gates and walls, surrounded by Jialing River, Minjiang River, and Qujiang River on three sides.

In the second year of Chunyou, Songnan of the Southern Song Dynasty (1242), the Sichuan appeasement system set up the ambassador and the prefect of Chongqing to fight against the Mongolian army. In February 1259, the Mongolian brother sweated for more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and joined the Hechuan Fishing City. Mongol Iron Horse rides east and west to discuss and pursue everything, but under the stubborn resistance of Diaoyu City s general Wang Jian and Vice General Zhang Jian, they can t cross the thunder pool halfway. In July, Mengge was wounded by artillery in the city and died at the hot spring temple. The Mongolian army withdrew north, and Diaoyu City made a siege. The Shoujiang descended from Yuan until 1279, supporting the Southern Song Dynasty for 36 years. The Diaoyu City defending battle wrote a rare case of weak victory over strong in the history of Chinese and foreign wars. Therefore, Diaoyu City was hailed by the Europeans as Oriental Mecca and Go d s Whip.

The ancient battlefield ruins of Diaoyucheng City are well preserved. The main landscapes include the ruins of the city gate, the city wall, the imperial palace, the martial arts gate, the infantry barracks, and the sailing pier. There are a large number of poems, poems and relief inscriptions left over from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Among the mountains are inscriptions by Chiang Kai-shek, Chen Yi, Guo Moruo, Zhang Aiping, He Yingqin and others.

Diaoyucheng is a very nice place. It sa good place to play for a few days! The best accommodation option in Diaoyu City is a rural guesthouse in the form of a farmhouse to the right of the door. Don t underestimate it here, Although it looks like a rural soil house on the outside, and the facilities and settings inside are modern. Let you sleep on a soft big bed and see the old-fashioned certificate of merit on the soil wall, the portrait of Chairman Mao and so on, let you smile and enter dreamland in the memories of your childhood! !! !! The price is also cheap, the best choice!

From Chongqing to Jinyun Mountain Diaoyucheng Ancient Battlefield Tourist Area, you can take bus 252 at Jiefangbei, 255 at Yangjiaping, 253 at Caiyuanba, bus 251 at Niujiaoyu to Beibei, and transfer to buses 270, 287, 268 It is very convenient to get to Beiquan Hot Spring or take a long-distance bus to Hechuan.

The farmhouse on the right side of the entrance of Diaoyucheng is the same store as the accommodations introduced above. You dont have to doubt the food to see that the accommodations are so special. The signature dish in his restaurant is fish. I can t remember the name of the dish, but I still remember that the fish was once oiled and then used for cooking. So the fish skin is crispy when eating. The fish is very fragrant ~ Of course, don t forget to buy local famous snacks, peach slices cake, and it s best to buy some when you leave to send relatives and friends! !!

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