Dianshan Lake [Shanghai Qingpu]

Dianshan Lake is also called Xuedian Lake. West of Qingpu County, Shanghai, adjacent to Jiangsu Province. The lake is in the shape of a gourd, with an area of ​​63 square kilometers, which is 12 times that of Hangzhou West Lake. The water depth is about 2 meters. It used to be land in ancient times, and it was subsided into a lake during the Qin and Han dynasties. The original Dianshan in the lake is where the lake s name comes from. There are Sangu Temple, Aofeng Tower and other scenic spots on the Dianshan Mountain. After the Southern Song Dynasty, because the lake was surrounded by fields, the lake gradually became smaller. Today, Dianshan Mountain is already 2 kilometers east of the lake. The clear water of the lake is like a mirror, and the smoke trees along the coast are confused, which is rich in the scenery of the southern water town. The lake area covers an area of ​​more than 60 square kilometers. It is connected to Taihu Lake in the west, Huangpu River in the east, m isty water, and vast waves. There is a water sports field near the lake, which is a place for international rowing, rowing training and competition. The dock is 5500 meters long and can hold more than 200 rowing boats.

The famous Dianshan Lake Tourist Scenic Area is a large-scale scenic area newly built in China in the 1980s. After years of expansion, it has now become the largest tourist attraction in Shanghai. Inside the scenic area, there is the Red Mansion Grand View Garden, which is reproduced by the traditional garden art of our country. On this 160 acres of green fields, the antique buildings are grouped, the layout is wonderful and luxurious, and the characteristics of the north and south gardens are brought together.

With the development of tourism and sports, water sports fields, yacht clubs, golf courses, fishing clubs, swimming pools, bowling alleys, shooting ranges, etc. have been built on the east side of Lake Dianshan Lake. On the west bank of Dianshan Lake, a youth camping base was built. On the south bank of Dianshan Lake, the international-level Rainbow Island senior water leisure resort will be built. Near the Dianshan Lake Tourism Scenic Area, a new century-old Sun Island International Tourism Resort will be built. On the edge of the Dianshan Lake Scenic Area, there are rich historical and cultural landscapes. There are Songze ancient cultural sites and Fuquanshan ancient cultural sites 6000 years ago. This is the earliest settlement of human beings found in Shanghai so far. There are rich ancient buildings, such as the Qinglong Temple, Qinglong Pagoda, and Pagoda in the Tang Dynasty, Puji Bridge and Wan an Bridge in the Song Dynasty, Baoguo Temple in the Ming Dynasty, Fangsheng Bridge, and Qushui Garden and Wanshou Tower in the Qing Dynasty. There are also Zhujiajiao and Jinze, famous towns in the south of the Yangtze River.

Yodo Dianshan Lake Forest Resort is located on the border of 57-58 Road, 318 National Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai. It is located on the shore of the beautiful Dianshan Lake. It is a three-star foreign tourist resort integrating leisure and entertainment . Equipped with luxury yachts, karts, fishing, tennis courts, archery, swimming pools, gymnasiums, live-fire shooting, squash, table tennis, bowling, chess and card room, game room, multi-function hall, (dance hall), karaoke private room, movie room, Computer classroom, business center, sauna, bar, tea room, mini supermarket and more than 20 entertainment facilities.

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