Development History of Chinese Hot Spring Tourism

Hot spring is the earliest natural resource used by mankind for healing.

Until the late 1990s, hot springs were still used for treatment, as evidenced by the declining spas at that time. With the acceleration of reform and opening up, foreign investment has entered the Mainland. Under the new thinking and new concepts, Guangdong Hot Springs with geographical convenience has ushered in the change and innovation of the model, abandoning the previous model of the planned economy that was only used for retired cadres, specific groups, and only had a single product. The rapid development in the form of combination with tourism and entertainment has inspired people s enthusiasm for hot spring tourism. Capital saw market opportunities and invested in the development of hot spring resorts and hot spring hotels, which opened the curtain of vigorous development of hot spring tourism.

From 1997 to 2006, the hot spring tourism at this stage has taken shape in leisure vacations, garden-like landscapes, seasonal fresh dining, various traditional Chinese medicine hot spring pools, dynamic pools and massage pools with health and entertainment properties gathered in the open air The hot spring area greatly meets the needs of people for relaxation, leisure, tourism, and health care, especially the open-air hot spring model. Zhuhai Royal Hot Spring is a typical representative of hot springs at this stage.

From 2006 to 2012, the stage of the transformation of hot spring tourism from leisure tourism to hot spring health vacation. As the value of hot spring tourism, warm health investment has become an important consumption concept of hot spring tourism at this stage. Its biggest feature is that it is closely integrated with SPA to provide high-end and professional services. Privacy mode of operation, showing more international character, such as Balinese style, European architecture, etc., such as Guangdong s Yulinmen Hot Spring Resort Balinese style, has improved the quality of the hot spring leisure industry.

From 2012 to the present, hot spring tourism has gradually entered a new normal of comprehensive and composite development of the parallel development of hot spring tourism, hot spring vacations and hot spring wellness treatments. With the expansion of market layout and the operation of market segments , the former homogeneity The phenomenon of disintegration gradually disintegrates, showing a diversified pattern: entertainment hot springs still have a broad market; and the consumption upgrade, tourists pursuit of quality and experience will make hot spring companies pay more attention to the innovation of holiday products and the creation of a holiday atmosphere.; Health is the eternal pursuit of people, coupled with the country s vigorous development of the health industry, the essence of hot spring healing will be dug out, hot spring enterprises will accelerate the development of hot spring health care products Development and training of treatment courses, health care systems, and health care professionals.

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