Dayushan Island Tourism

Dalangshan Island, with a diameter of about 5 kilometers and an area of ​​21.22 square kilometers, is the highest island in the east of Fujian. The island is full of beautiful scenery, including Tianhu Pancai, Ant Boat Xixiu, Shaotan Weiwen, South China Tianshan, and Cape Clear Sky. Above the blue seas of the East China Sea, at an altitude of 200 meters, two large and small lakes are inlaid, so it is known as the Sea Sky Lake. The arches around the peaks of the lake are like a glenoid, hence the name of Sheshan Island. Datian Lake covers an area of ​​nearly one thousand acres, and can be enjoyed for boating; Xiaotian Lake has more than 200 acres. The two lakes are more than 1,000 meters apart, each with its own spring eye, which is inexhaustible all year round, with sweet water and clear water. Shines in the sun, wrinkles in the wind, and Bai Gu Xiang gathers. The hillsides around the lake are gentle, forming tens of thousands of acres of grassland in the Tianshan Mountains, rich in grassland scenery of the sky is green, the fields are vast, and the wind blows the grass and the cattle and sheep are low.

Transportation: You can depart from Dazhou Mountain to Fuzhou City, first to Xiapu in northern Fujian, and then take a minibus to Sansha Town and then arrive at the Dagu Town Pier. There is a boat from the terminal to Dalai Mountain. Only on weekends , the slow boat costs 15 yuan and runs on a regular flight every day. The journey takes 20-30 minutes. After arriving at Dalang Mountain, you can walk up the mountain or take a local minibus to reach Tianchi, 10 yuan / person. Self-driving cars follow the road sign at the Sansha exit of the expressway to the Daguzhen wharf. After parking at the wharf, take the boat to the island.

Diet: The locals are basically some fishermen s diet, you can eat very fresh marine fish and local pure wild vegetables. The price is not expensive, generally 20 yuan / person can eat well.

Accommodation: There are several hotels under the Dalai Mountain. The conditions are normal. TV hot water can be provided, but there is no air conditioning, 40-60 yuan / standard room. There is a resort in Tianchi, mid-levels, 90 yuan per bed. 180 yuan / room, you can bargain.

Shopping: There are a lot of seafood produced by farmers in the local area. The quality is pure and the taste is delicious. The fresh shrimp skin is 12 yuan / kg and the dried seaweed is 15 yuan / kg. Vacuum fresh yellow croaker 17 yuan / piece. Definitely different from the taste you usually eat. Mid-level tea is also good, 25 yuan / catty, absolutely green and natural, you can bargain.

Play: horses in the middle of the mountain can ride, 30 yuan / hour, 200 yuan / day. It is strongly recommended to bring a tent to camp by the side of Tianchi. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, but it is recommended to bring a good mosquito repellent. The situation of the sea water around Dalai Mountain is complicated, and it is strongly warned not to go to the sea to swim.

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