Daxiangguo Temple [Kaifeng, Henan]

Daxiangguo Temple is located in the west section of Jiuyou Road in Kaifeng City, Henan Province. Kaifeng is a historical and cultural city of Fulijiatianxia and Since the ancient emperor capital. The folks have always said one Soviet, two Hangzhou and three Yanzhou. The Daxiangguo Temple is the best in the world, and the sky is staggering and empty (Yuan · Chen Fu), and its extraordinary Daxiangguo Temple is a famous temple with outstanding status and extensive influence in Chinese Buddhist history.

In the history of Dai Temple, there are many famous monks, famous scholars, frequent activities, rich temple collections, under the jurisdiction of 64 Zen Temples, covering an area of ​​540 acres. Buddhist monks, dignitaries, literati, envoys, and the public came and went especially during the Northern Song Dynasty; Buddhist affairs, Daxianggu Temple, Xunxing, entertainment, visits, and business gathered together, and became the center of Chinese and foreign Buddhism and cultural exchanges, attracting the attention of Buddhist circles at home and abroad.

After the founding of the People s Republic of China, the people s government repeatedly formulated plans to restore and renovate Daxiangguo Temple, and successively raised special funds for maintenance. Buildings such as Shanmen, Bell Tower, Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Luohan Hall, Tibetan Scripture Hall, and two corridors have been repaired successively. For example, in the spring and summer of 1950, the Temple of Heavenly King and the Palace of the Great Heroes were repaired; in 1954, the Luohan Hall was rebuilt by the Municipal Construction Bureau; in 1958, the municipal government raised 100,000 yuan to rebuild the Shanmen area, and built a brick archway, on which Xianguo Temple was built. The banner is Shu Dan, the curator of Pei Yuming, Henan Museum of Cultural History.

Another provincial cultural and historical librarian, Mr. Xiong Bolu, a professor of history system at Henan University, collected many years of hard work, systematically integrated historical documents, and wrote The Examination of Xiangguo Temple, which summarized the historical development of Daxiangguo Temple and the humanities scenery, legends, etc. Be metaphoric.

In 1963, the People s Government of Henan Province listed Daxiangguo Temple as a key cultural relics protection unit. On March 30, 1992, the Provincial People s Government approved the opening of Daxiangguo Temple as a venue for Buddhist activities.

大 Daxiangguo Temple Hotel in Kaifeng Kaifeng Daxiangguo Temple Hotel (formerly the Post and Telecommunications Hotel) is a “Top Ten” and “Top Ten” Hotel in the province. Located in the bustling area of ​​the city center. Adjacent to Daxiangguo Temple , a famous Buddhist temple in China

The more well-known restaurants include Yiyixin Hotel (sweet and sour soft soup, carp baked noodles, grilled three kinds, etc.), First Floor Baozi Restaurant (Xiao Long Baozi), and Xin Sheng Fan Zhuang ( Rapeseed Xiaoluo, etc.)), Ma Yuxing Chicken Shop (Barrel Chicken).

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