Datong Ancient Town Tour Tickets and Attractions Introduction

Daxu Ancient Town is on the east bank of the Lijiang River, southeast of Father-son Rock, and north of Mopan Mountain, 23 kilometers away from Guilin. Historically, the ancient town was built in the early years of the Northern Song Dynasty, ZTE was in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it flourished during the Republic of China. Yang Lu, Cangwu Rongyu, and Guixian Bridge) are the best.

Da ao is a waterway transportation hub, and it is also a well-known market trade distribution center. There is Chaotian New River in the east, and it is connected to the Welfare Ma River. It is connected to Xiangsi River in the west to Yongfu. Pingle and Wuzhou can reach Hunan and go straight to Guangzhou.

Da ao is also an ancient town with a long history. It was built in the Ming Dynasty with a single-arch stone bridge, Wanshou Bridge, and still crosses the south of the town. Qingshiban Road, the town s blue brick and green tile buildings, have become the testimony of the ancient town.

There are Shegong Mountain, Jingshan Mountain, and Mopan Mountain in the surrounding area. Maoxi, west of the town, is surrounded by water. Dasao is also a large orchard rich in citrus and orange sleeves, with beautiful scenery and picturesque countryside.

In the Ming Dynasty, the poem of Bai was Lutian Temple on the Dalong River, a hundred-foot deep lake, and Zhuzhuwei; after the Liudian shop was paid for the morning, the lotus leaves were wrapped in salt. The dacha painted with delicate brush strokes still gives people the feeling of simplicity, grace, tranquility and prosperity.

When constructing the tourist road from Guilin to Mopanshan Wharf in 2001, a rare group of ancient tombs was found in Daxu Town. Seven ancient tombs are arranged in the shape of a Big Dipper in the sky, and the size of the mounds of each tomb is related to the brightness of the stars. This is the first time in China. The ancient tombs are located at the foothills of Madong Mountain, Daxu Town (commonly known as Qixingpo). It is circulated by local people that this tomb is the tomb of King Jingjiang-the ancestor tomb of the Zhu surname in the nearby village.

Although the relationship between the tomb and the Seven Stars is still a mystery to date, judging from the funerary items such as pottery boxes, clay pots, bronze swords, iron axes, and stone urns unearthed from the tomb, the tomb group is the tomb of the royal family of Jingjiang. The myth, it is similar to the tomb excavated from the Pingle Yinshanling Warring States Period to the Western Han Dynasty in 1974. It should be a tomb of the same period, and it has many aspects of research value .

The ancient charm still exists, quiet and quaint. The business secrets of the Yang Li, Liao, and Senior Four who controlled the economic lifeline of North Guangxi attracted many tourists, and the seven-star ancient tomb is fascinating.

Guilin Daxu Town is located 18 kilometers east of Guilin, a famous tourist city of mountains and rivers, and is located along the north bank of the Lijiang River. It has a strong ancient style and covers an area of ​​193.78 square kilometers. One of the four ancient towns in Guangxi has a rich commercial culture and distinctive features.

The ancient town of Daodao is a water and land wharf in northern Guizhou. It is a typical commercial town. The existing cultural relics have strong commercial and cultural characteristics. Residents on both sides of the street have Ming, Qing and Ming Dynasty remnants of paving , paving platforms and paving shops, as well as thirteen pier and roadways in Linjiang, the residential houses open to the pier, roadways, and ancient commercial streets in the inside.

Daxu Ancient Town is a distribution center for agricultural and sideline products and imported products. From the Qing Dynasty to the beginning of the People s Republic of China, 13 docks were built, arranged from the west to the Dongshun River. The docks are generally 10 meters long, 3-4 meters wide, and built in stone, Wedged into the streets; their functions are different.

The shop names are known as four people, eight middle school, and twenty-four small homes, which reflects the prosperity of the building at that time. The old streets were mostly paved with bluestone slabs, basically maintaining the pattern and style and style of the year Unique, a lot of buildings keep well, there are two-in, three-in deep house courtyard. The roads of Qinggu Shiban Street and River Pebble are still antique. The fire wall between the blocks, the building along the street, the detachable wooden structure pavement, etc., keep the ancient style along the street.

Over the years, Chinese and foreign tourists visiting and visiting the ancient town have been endless. For this reason, the district, city and county governments have attached great importance to the protection and development of Dacheng Ancient Town. The town s flavorful snacks and traditional culture, entertainment and folk customs make people forget. Daxu Ancient Street was formed due to the historical development of the Lijiang water transport industry. The slab street parallel to the Li River, a dozen docks perpendicular to the Li River, and traditional I- shaped buildings. The architecture makes people feel the glory of the past and the long years. The greetings of the morning ferry on the river in the early morning, the sound of the machinery of the cruise ship at noon, and the sound of the wooden shoes at the far end of the alley make the ancient street intertwined with modern and historical space.

The date with these three digits every month on 2,5,8 is the market day of Daxu Ancient Town. On the day of the market, people from the villages around the ancient town or other counties and towns will come to the market, and of course some foreigners will be required. Tourists. There are many people on the day of the gathering, and people are immortal. But there are more classics in the ancient town of Datong, namely the ancient stone road and ancient streets. Walking on that stone road and passing the ancient streets, you will lament the beauty of the ancient town of the thousand years Behind the ancient house outside the ancient street, there are still such classic streets and houses.!

The best time to travel in Daxu Ancient Town is from April to October every year. At this time, it is time to pick oranges and strawberries, and you can take them home after eating, but avoid May 1st and 11th. .

At the Guilin Coach Terminal next to Guilin Railway Station, take the tourist shuttle bus to Guanyan. Under the bus, it runs every hour from 7:30 to 14:00, and the fare is four yuan per person.

There are one or two old-fashioned inns on the old street, wooden houses, the beds are relatively clean, 4-5 yuan per person. There are signs of the inn. By the road outside the old street; there are also several new hotels, with standard rooms

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