Datang Furong Garden [Xi’an, Shaanxi]

During the Qin Dynasty, taking advantage of the beautiful natural features of the original scenery in the Qujiang area, the Qin Dynasty opened the famous royal forbidden gardens—Yichun Garden and Leyouyuan, making Qujiang an important part of the Shanglin Garden.

In the Sui Dynasty, Daxing City was built next to Qujiang. With Qujiang as the center, the Royal Forbidden Garden Furong Garden was built, making Qujiang a part of the capital. The nature of the hibiscus garden has also changed from the Ligong Pavilion outside the capital of Qin and Han dynasties to a royal garden in the capital of the Sui Dynasty.

In the Tang Dynasty, Qujiang entered a period of prosperity and prosperity. The royal forbidden garden-Furong Garden (also known as Furong Garden) was built, and important buildings such as the Ziyun Tower and Caixia Pavilion were built. The famous Qujiang Liuyin, the name of the wild goose pagoda, the Xingyuan flower viewing banquet, and the Wanmin Le Tour Qujiang all took place here. In history, nearly one hundred emperors traveled in Qujiang.

Based on Qujiang s long human history, in order to take advantage of its rich tourism resources, Xi an Qujiang New District Garden Construction Co., Ltd. has undertaken to construct and operate the Changan Furong Garden, a key project. Chang an Furong Garden is a large-scale royal theme park that integrates humanities, entertainment, catering, shopping, consumption, and experience exchanges to interpret the style of the Tang Dynasty and reproduce the royal sceneries. It is also centered on the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the North Wild Goose Pagoda and South Square., Datang Never Sleeping City, Tang City Wall Relics Park, etc. form the Tang Dynasty Cultural District, which is one of the key construction projects in Xi an in 2003. The master plan and architectural design of Datang Furong Garden were designed by Zhang Jinqiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous master of architectural design.

The Datang Furong Garden covers a total area of ​​998 acres; of which, the water surface area is about 300 acres; the green area is about 440 acres; the road and square area is about 158 ​​acres; the construction area is nearly 100,000 square meters. Corridor, everything. Following the principle that ancient buildings should prolong life and not return to old age. The design of building materials adopts the combination of brick and tile concrete structure and wood structure, which not only preserves the original appearance of the Tang Dynasty building, but also enables the ancient building to be undisturbed for a long time.

The ancient architecture of Tang style in Gion is the first in the country in terms of scale of construction, and it is the largest group of buildings in the world. It concentrates all the architectural forms of the Tang Dynasty and is simply a complete textbook of the Tang Dynasty architecture. The wind architecture created by Zhang Jinqiu has become a prominent presence in the history of architecture in China and the world with its simple and elegant master craftsmanship. It has inherited and developed China s classical architecture and classical garden construction. It will add glory to Qujiang. In addition, the iconic Ziyun Tower in the park is also the largest single building in China.

The construction of the Tang Dynasty Hibiscus Garden is an integrator of Chinese gardens and architectural arts, especially the royal garden in the style of the Tang Dynasty. This area has attracted the attention of the world. The park imitates the Tang architectural design and construction, and the park landscape design and construction.

Datang Furong Garden is located in Qujiang New District, Xi an. It covers an area of ​​1,000 acres, including 300 acres of water, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan. It is the largest cultural theme park in Northwest China. It was built to the north of the original Tang Dynasty Furong Garden site, Is the first large-scale royal garden-style cultural theme park in China to fully display the style of the Tang Dynasty. Including Ziyun Tower, Ladies Hall, Royal Banquet Palace, Fanglin Garden, Fengming Jiutian Theater, Xingyuan, Luyu Tea House, Tang City, Qujiang Liuyin and many other attractions. The Datang Furong Garden has set a number of records. It has the world s largest waterscape performance and is the first five senses ”(ie, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) theme park. It has the world s largest outdoor fragrance project; it is the largest imitation in the country. The Tang Royal Building Group, a collection of Chinese garden and architectural art.

The master plan and architectural design were undertaken by Zhang Jinqiu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous master of architectural design, and the garden design was undertaken by world-class master Akita Akita of Japan.

It is best in summer and autumn, otherwise it is too cold. Moreover, Datang Furong Garden is a garden-style theme park. In summer and autumn, the vegetation is flourishing and the birds are scented with flowers, which is more conducive to watching and playing. Although buildings such as the Ziyun Tower have heating, most of the time they are outdoors, especially when watching water screen movies at night, it is important to choose a pleasant climate.

Northwest Civil Aviation Building: The main body of the building is 25 stories high and 80 meters high. Designed and decorated according to international three-star standards, it is a multifunctional building integrating accommodation, business, catering and entertainment.

Tanghua Hotel ★★★★ Xi an Tanghua Hotel is a four-star luxury hotel co-operated by China and Japan. It is located next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi an s famous tourist scenic area, and has convenient transportation.

The Royal Banquet Palace is arranged in an open body of water. It uses a variety of garden landscaping methods to create a rich mood of dark green, light wind, microwave, and pleasant water. Independent project, located on the west wing of the park , next to the west gate and with independent entrance. Its east side is planned to be one of the eight famous scenic spots in Chang an, Qujiang Liuyin . The Royal Banyan Palace has a construction area of ​​nearly 15,600 square meters and can provide a variety of cuisines and special supporting services.

Royal Banquet Palace is an experiential large-scale dining banquet garden with Tang culture as the packaging and Party culture as the feature. It is an independent area in the Tang Dynasty Hibiscus Garden that can be operated externally.

a. Imitation Tang feast: focus on the Tang dynasty palace royal feast, folk food, health food and theme banquets in the history of Qujiang. Chemical products. At the same time, relying on the Tang style architecture and garden environment of the Tang Tang Furong Garden, it created a Tang banquet atmosphere integrating food, beauty, beauty, and music, and formed a fine boutique tourism in Qujiang. For example, Roasting Banquet, Qujiang Banquet, Luming Banquet and other palace royal feast series, Taoist health medicated diet series, Buddhist Zhaifan series, folk special catering series and birthday feast series, etc.

B. Wedding Garden: This garden mainly displays the unique wedding culture of Datang Furong Garden from the aspects of worshiping the ancient and seeking newness. On the one hand, it interprets the grand ancient marriage etiquette activities; on the other hand, it satisfies the unconventional psychology of young people, and uses modern expression techniques to express marriage etiquette, focusing on participation, experience and fun.

C. Birthday Garden: This project aims to fill the market gap of professional services for birthday banquets in Xi an, and provide unique and targeted services to consumers of birthday banquets. The focus is to create specific landscapes and specific activities to provide Shouxing with a place of belonging.

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