Darongshan Forest Park

  Da Rong Shan Scenic Area is Guangxi Provincial Forest Park, located in Beiliu County. In the heart of Lotus Peak, the main peak of Darong Mountain at an altitude of 1275.6 meters, the total area is 2930 hectares, 46 kilometers from Yulin City and 23 kilometers from the north stream. The forest park is tall, densely forested, the mountains are long, and the mountains are stacked. The landforms in the mountains are generally around 1,000 meters above sea level, and belong to the subtropical climate zone. It has fog in spring, cool in summer, cool in autumn, and dry in winter. The forest coverage rate is 82.7%, and there are more than two hundred tree species.

  There are many scenic spots in the park. The lotus waterfall, the sword stone, the hope stone, the mushroom stone, the fairy bed, the lover tree, the seal picking fruit, the artificial lawn will make you feel refreshed and lingering. The unique forest bath will make you more full. Enjoy the wonders of nature. There are many kinds of animals and plants in the park. There are rare national plants protected by the name of living fossils (tree fern), the camellia king of flowers, as well as the long-running millennium turtle, jubilant five-claw golden dragon, and lively playful. The monkeys make up a beautiful landscape. The main peak, Lotus Mountain, is the first peak in southeast Guangxi.

  Main landscapes: alpine sky lake, alpine low forest, lotus waterfall, alpine clouds, sunrise, botanical garden, etc. It is a comprehensive multifunctional forest park that integrates avoidance of administration, vacation, sightseeing, adventure, mountain climbing and eco-tourism.

  1. Transportation: The transportation from Yulin to the counties is convenient and the road conditions are good. From Yulin to Beiliu, you can take a bus at the passenger terminal. From 6:00 to 22:00, there will be a bus every 5 minutes. Very convenient.

  Others 4. Others: Darong Mountain is the first peak in southeast Guangxi. The forest is dense, and the flora and fauna are very rich. There are many rare animals and plants. It is a natural subtropical plant kingdom and it is worth a look .

  Da Rongshan is located about 20 kilometers north of the urban area of ​​Liushi City, Beixi, Guangxi, with a radius of more than 1,000 square kilometers. It is named for its majestic and vast mountains, all-inclusive and all-inclusive. Da Rong Shan is a historic mountain. Later Emperor Gao Zu Liu became the emperor in Guangzhou today in 917 AD. He was like Zen Buddhism in the Central Plains and named Da Rong Shan as Southern Xiyue. Darong Mountain is characterized by forest ecological tourism and the theme of leisure scenery. The trees are evergreen all year round, the flowers are ripe in all seasons, the mountains and waterfalls are splashing, the birds are chirping, and it is known as Green Treasure, Plant Kingdom, Animal Paradise , Tourism Paradise. In the area of ​​Lianhua Mountain at an altitude of 1,100 meters, it has formed a comprehensive landscape of rare alpine meadows, alpine lakes, alpine waterfalls, and alpine Christmas forests in the world. It is known as the European scenery of China .

  1. The mountain landscape is majestic and extensive, with more than 40 kilometers from east to west and more than 30 kilometers from north to south, Darong Mountain runs across the vast land southeast of Guangxi. There are more than 10 mountain peaks with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. The first peak in southeast Guangxi, the entire mountain is majestic and vast, the peaks are stacked, and the mountains are far away. Among them, the lotus top views the clouds, the mountain top views the sunrise, the dark mountain top views the sunset, and the three counties overlook the beauty of the three counties.

  2. The landscape of the water body is rich and colorful. Due to the high mountains and dense clouds, Darong Mountain has stored abundant water resources. There are more than 10 mountain lakes in the mountain, dozens of streams, hundreds of waterfalls, and the most spectacular waterfall is the lotus at 1,000 meters above sea level. The waterfall, with a total drop of about 500 meters, is divided into nine levels, which truly makes you feel three thousand feet down the stream, it is suspected that the galaxy falls for nine days.

  3. The forest vegetation is beautiful and magical. Darong Mountain retains a large area of ​​virgin forests. It is a habitat for wild animals and the birthplace of the Nanliu River. There is a thousand-year-old forest in the virgin forest . Each tree can be carried by three to five people. The old trees are covered with moss from the roots to the branches. They are very vicissitudes old, magical and beautiful. There are 10,000 acres of alpine meadows in the mountains at an altitude of 1,000 meters. Bisons and wild horses are in a group of leisurely food, which is known as the Southern Grassland.

  4. The landscape of Tianxiang is unpredictable, with heavy rain and fog on Darong Mountain, and clouds and waves on the sea, with magnificent waves and fickleness. Sometimes the clouds are filled with fog, the mountains are not smoked, sometimes faintly, dazzling around the peaks, full of charm, often appearing. East sunrise to the west and rain to the north, the mountains are different from the north to the north, and the top of the mountain is two days. Rongshan Xiaoyu is the first of the eight ancient sceneries of Beiliu. Every winter in Darong Mountain, there will be fog or ice hanging, and the mountain will be covered with silver, which is a beautiful scenery of the northern country.

  1. The Jiupu Valley Scenic Area is an original ecological valley promenade with a total length of 3 kilometers. The valley is ecologically themed, with valleys, clear water, stone beauty, rattan hanging, and forest show featuring waterfalls, lakes, and beaches. Throughout the whole valley, spring water stings, streams crest, forest vegetation is maintained intact, there are national rare and protected plants such as camellia, cedar, cypress, stone mistletoe, and magnolia, as well as wild date forest, wild bamboo forest, and wild banana forest And mountain longan, mountain litchi, mountain yellow peel, mountain strawberry, fig and so on. The air contains up to 89,000 negative oxygen ions, which is an extremely rare treasure house of plants. The valley promenade is praised as the first valley of Lingnan by tourism experts.

  2. Tianhu Scenic Area is the first antique entertainment area in Guangxi, which is based on the theme of leisure and entertainment and features the Christmas forest scenery. It is the first antique entertainment area in Guangxi planned and designed by the experts of Guangxi Film Studio . The shooting base of Shang. The Tianhu Scenic Area has dense forests, green grass, and valleys. It is named for its high mountains and lakes, and has the reputation of Green Wild Fairy, Heaven and Earth. Within the body, you can drive a carriage through the forest, ride an ox cart to stroll through the mountains, ride horses on the alpine meadows, or barefoot in the creek to catch shrimp, catch fish, repair the immortals on the tree, or put on ancient costumes and go boating. All are leisurely and lingering.

  3. The Lotus Scenic Spot is located in the area of ​​Lotus Mountain, the main peak of Darong Mountain, with an average altitude of 1,100 meters, forming a rare comprehensive landscape of alpine meadows, alpine lakes, alpine waterfalls, alpine Christmas forests , etc. in Europe-beautiful scenery. As if walking into European landscape painting.

  Darong Mountain All kinds of living creatures are colorful, and the peaks of Xiyue are not dusty; their physical capacity allows the world to be seen, and the mountains can be learned from the forest people. It is very beautiful with spring tea and wine, a touch of the setting sun is beautiful, true and true, and the most is the soul of the waterfall, The lotus top is four o clock new.

  Touring Rongshan Meiquan is sweet and welcoming, and the green Rongshan looks new. Xiyuelan has a variety of yarn collections, and the stone spirit and water show beautiful treasures; walk through the mountains and search for meridians, watch the sun and appreciate the twilight. The lotus pond dances with the wind, and the air meadow is more dust-free.

  The reason why Da Rong Shan is named Da Rong Shan is spread in Yulin: two are named because of its extensive hinterland and all-inclusiveness; while Chen Zhu, a Beiliu national scholar, said: Rong, Gu Tongrong, said that it is shaped like a hibiscus. I once looked at Mr. Huang Binhong from the gorge of the Dark Spiral Ridge at noon. The sun is shining and the mountains are stacked, reflecting each other. Ten miles away, the light shines, which is particularly eye- catching.

  According to research, the Darong Mountains start from the northwest of Teng County and Rong County, and are a northeast-southwest mountain range. It is originally a mountain range with the 60,000 Dashan Mountains. Darong Mountain is formed in the north, and 60,000 mountains is formed in the south. The 60,000 mountains extend to Pubei and enter Qinzhou, connecting the Umong Mountains in Yunnan. The main peak of Darong Mountain is 1275.6 meters above sea level. It looks at the five lords of the five genuses in southeast Guangxi. Because of its majestic and magnificent scenery, it has been praised as one pillar in the south since ancient times.

  The horizontal direction of Darong Mountain regulates the climate and wind direction of southeast Guangxi. The temperature at the top of Darong Mountain is often several degrees different from the ground temperature. The sun is shining under the mountain, and the clouds are often rolling and raining . According to recent more accurate records, during the winter of 1975, 1985, 1993, and 2002, the summit of Darong Mountain formed a rare scene of ice and snow. At that time, there was an endless stream of tourists watching the snow scene .

  Darong Mountain has lush vegetation and peaks. The verdant green peaks are connected to form a huge barrier, and the top is a mountain with various shapes, and the deep ravines and steep cliffs are nearby, which are both trembling and sighing. These strange peaks and strange walls decorate Da Rongshan so amazingly.

  Wu Yuan saw the highest peak of Da Rong Mountain, now hidden on the winding winding mountain road, full of temptation. Ascending the peak can choose a winding winding intestine trail to the north. Over a seemingly old remnant wall, climbing two or three steep slopes with both hands and feet, you can reach the first peak in southeast Guangxi. Standing on the highest point and looking east, the mountain peaks are sculpted one after another, with huge bodies and towering heads. Looking north, the layers of peaks and ridges are stacked in an orderly manner, just like a wonderful mountain and autumn picture.

  Darong Mountain is not only beautiful, but also unique in water. There are two places you must visit when you go to Darong Mountain, one is the Lotus Waterfall and the other is the source of the Nanliu River.

  Linhua Waterfall is located southwest of Lotus Villa. The lotus waterfall is divided into more than ten levels, and the first level has a drop of more than 90 meters. A waterfall pavilion is built above the waterfall, and a waterfall pavilion is built below. Looking down at the waterfall from the suspended railing of the waterfall cascade, the waterfall is at the foot, but the sound of water is not heard. It is like a bottle of syrup, broken on cliffs, and like the messy hair of a young girl who just woke up. The so-called born a lotus waterfall, the infinite scenery is in the dangerous peak. Yang waterfall pavilion, up the waterfall here, I saw the waterfall descending from the sky, flying down, where the water hits, the water splashes, the sound of water, like a flower The big lotus in full bloom is very spectacular.

  Darongshan virgin forest. The total area of ​​the virgin forest of the Darong Mountain is 2,930 hectares, and the forest coverage rate is 82.7%. Many places are in a well-protected virgin state. Looking at the lush green forest and listening to the wind blowing through it will undoubtedly make people feel the long and deep of this natural subtropical plant kingdom. It is particularly worth mentioning that there are also rare tree species such as cormorants, camellia, silver shirts scattered on Darong Mountain. The strangest and most valuable is the plant that contemporary botanists call living fossils-cormorants. Cormorants belong to the national rare and endangered plant, a national first-class protected plant, a double-leaf leaf fern, which is known as a rare relict plant. In the hundreds of millions of years of history, I don t know how many plants have decayed, destroyed or mutated. And this kind of puppet still grows lushly between Darong Mountain and around us in its original appearance several hundred million years ago.

  When you travel to Darongshan, you must eat wild vegetables. There are many types of wild vegetables. Fortune vegetables, wild wheat vegetables, and fragrant green vegetables are really natural green foods and taste good. At Beiliu Land Transport Station, there is a special line car to go up the mountain, two trips in the morning and evening, tickets: 30 yuan, accommodation: 120 yuan / room (standard room), and tents for rent.

  Darongshan produces wild vegetables with abundant varieties and is a pure natural green food. Fortune dishes, longevity dishes, fragrant mangosteens, ginseng dishes, and so on are all favorites in the hearts of urban people.

  Darongshan Forest AD Specialty Specialty Store can buy Darongshan natural wild vegetables, wild flower nectar, wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other green food at low prices. The price in Rongshan Hotel is about 250-380 yuan / table.

  It is located 40 kilometers northeast of Yulin urban area and 20 kilometers away from Beiliu urban area. It is bordered by five counties (cities) and districts in Yuzhou, Beiliu, Xingye, Rongxian and Guiping. The area is more than 1,000 square kilometers. Twenty-four peaks, six of which are more than 1,000 kilometers in height, the main peak of the lotus peak (also known as the plum peak) at an altitude of 1275.6 meters, is the first peak in southeast Guangxi. How did Dayong Shan get its name? According to the Guangxi Tongzhi (Jin Zhi) record: The mountains are more than five hundred feet high, and the surrounding area is more than a thousand miles away. Da Rongshan, like us Yulin people, welcomes you with a strong, intelligent, tolerant and simple image. Darong Mountain is also a historic mountain in the south of China. When Gao Zu later became emperor in Guangzhou in 917 AD, he named Darong Mountain as Southern Xiyue (Luofu Mountain in Guangdong is Zhongyue, Lianhua Mountain is Dongyue, and Datong Mountain. It is Beiyue and Hainan s Wuzhishan is Nanyue), which has a history of more than a thousand years. Darongshan is the roof of Beiliu City and the highest point in the southeast of Xiongyanggui.

  The natural scenery of Darong Mountain is unique. It is characterized by forest ecology and the theme of leisure scenery. The trees are evergreen all year round, the flowers are ripe in all seasons, the mountains and waterfalls are splashing, the birds and beasts are crying, the shapes of the rocks are different, and the clouds are diffused. The nine major characteristics of Darong Mountain: odd peaks, exotic rocks, meadows, precious trees, flowers, Jiaguo, Xianhu, waterfalls, and beasts, the peach blossom source ”wonderland and the ecological beauty of Green Valley can make You are passionate, extremely happy, nostalgic and forgetting to return, and often travel to prolong your life. It is a natural amusement wonderland that integrates health care, health, beauty, and study. The majestic and magnificent mountain wonders and the long history of simple culture have created the rich heritage of Darong Mountain s mountains and landscapes, which are magnificent, ancient, elegan t, and colorful. Only by being there can we deeply experience and appreciate the infinite scenery of Darong Mountain. With the ancient mountain scenery, especially the verdant green and fresh air, people can sweep away the hustle and bustle of the city, and even the ancients marveled at the beautiful scenery here! Listen, Wen Yuxian, a poet of Yulin in the Qing Dynasty, described Da Rongshan in her poem Deng Darongshan: A peak meets a peak and the road is uneven. The sound of the cliff spring is also sunny, The shadows of the cliffs are still dark. Lan Tuo Cui Dai is heavily green, and the deep streams are hidden. Looking back at the path of the sunset, I still hear cymbals in my ears. This is exactly what Da Rongshan loves like a waterfall of honey, Yun Rao Golden Camellia Tea, the beautiful spring flowers in the mountains, and the mountains everywhere are rocky and green.

  Qiyulin has convenient transportation to all counties, and the road conditions are good. From Yulin to Beiliu, you can take a bus at the passenger terminal, from 6: 00-22: 00, there will be a train every 5 minutes, very convenient .

  The tourist accommodation in Darongshan is mainly concentrated in the Rongshan Hotel and Lotus Villa in the Forest Park. The Rongshan Hotel has 34 rooms with a total of 80 beds and a standard double room of 120 yuan / room. The Lotus Villa is mainly based on on meadow tents. There are 30 double tents for a total of 60 people camping. The double tents are 60 yuan / top. The best time for camping is autumn and summer.

  Darongshan produces wild vegetables with abundant varieties and is a pure natural green food. Fortune dishes, longevity dishes, fragrant mangosteens, ginseng dishes, and so on are all favorites in the hearts of urban people.

  Darongshan Forest AD Specialty Specialty Store can buy Darongshan natural wild vegetables, wild flower nectar, wild mushrooms, bamboo shoots and other green food at low prices. The price in Rongshan Hotel is about 250-380 yuan / table.

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