Darinol Lake [Inner Mongolia Chifeng]

Darinol Lake is one of the four inland lakes in Inner Mongolia. Known as the Bird Paradise, it also enjoys the reputation of China s third largest swan lake. It is located in the southwest of Gonger Grassland, 90 kilometers from Jingpeng Town , where the Keqi government is located. Darinol s Chinese translation of a lake as wide and beautiful as the sea , in ancient times it was called Yueryu , Fishinger Lake , Daerhaizi and so on. The perimeter of the lake is more than a hundred kilometers, and it is shaped like a hippocampus. The grassland around the lake rises slowly, and the horizon is low. Only the southeast corner of the lake sinks. There are two sister lakes in Lake Darinol and Gangennol and Dorrenol. Liangzi River, Gonger River, and Sari River pass through the three lakes like a lead, forming a plateau lake area of ​​238 square kilometers. The water storage capacity is 1.6 billion cubic meters, and the maximum water depth is 13 meters.

After many studies by experts, there are 109 species of birds in 15 orders, 32 families, 6 species of national first-class protected birds, and 18 species of second-class protected birds. In addition, there are many birds of economic value. Among these birds, there are 62 species of birds stipulated in the China Agreement on the Protection of Migratory Birds and Their Habitat. But why do these birds live here? The answer is simple: Good birds choose wood to live in. Koubei Santingzhi has recorded that Dali Lake Bird Islet is a place for waterfowl to gather. Bird Islet is one of the factors, and more importantly, Darinol Lake is located in the Inner Mongolia Plateau, with high terrain, good lighting conditions, and water surface. It is vast and sparsely populated. Secondly, the lake and island barriers are not only a good place for local birds to breed, but also an important breeding and resting place for migratory birds from Siberia to the southeast coast of China. Red -crowned cr anes, white-naped cranes and other birds under state protection have also been found here. One day in the spring of 1985, more than 2,300 white swans were recorded. These white swans are like fairies, floating on a sunny day, splashing and roaming , creating an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, reminiscent of Tchaikovsky s Swan Lake , so Dali Lake is known as Swan lake . It is not a rumor that you can experience the hundred birds chanting and the hundred birds dancing in the lake area. In 1997, it has become a comprehensive national nature reserve focusing on the protection of rare birds and their diverse ecosystems such as lakes, wetlands, grasslands, and forestlands.

Lake Darinol has always been famous for Ruili s scenery and rich products. Just as the Qing Dynasty poet Wang Shu praised the islands in the middle of Hanhan are paved horizontally, and the pictures of wonderful birds and fishes leap, since the ancient heroes diligently traveled a long way, so far they have kept the Dali Lake. The lake area is rich in anchovies and local Vulgaris yarrow, commonly known as Chinese fish. These fish are famous for their meat flavour. It is said that Emperor Kangxi was lucky enough to be on the grassland. After fishing from Lake Darinol, he collected white mushrooms and peppercorns on the grassland and cooked them together. The delicious flavor made the Emperor Kangxi s appetite and said that he ate the fish here. I do not want the fish in the world. After returning to the capital city, he still kept thinking about it. In the future, he sent people to fish several times, and Pegasus was sent to the capital city. Indeed, Huazi fish scales are rich in fine meat, and they are delicious when fried, stewed, fried, and cooked. From legend to tasting the whole fish feast, everyone says it is delicious, but why? The water quality of Lake Darinor is Suda-type semi-alkaline water, and these fish are alkali-resistant fishes. In addition, the lake water contains other ingredients, so that these fish live in the lake with added spices.

All the fish here are propagated naturally, so no artificial fry is needed. However, according to the Kashiketeng Banner, It is said that Qing Kangxi used camels to smash hundreds of carps from the Yellow River and released them here. From the Yellow River to the Thousands of Miles Road to Dali Lake, Emperor Kangxi had good intentions. But now from Qingming to around the Dragon Boat Festival, it is the spawning period of all kinds of fish. In this long spring, the school of fish has been swarming along the river that has returned to the pasture, sometimes causing the water to flow poorly. Locals say people with light hands and feet can step on fish to cross the river without falling into the water. Huazi has the habit of spawning with ice . Wang Guowei s Posthumous Record states that every three or four months, the fish that ran up the river from Lake Darinor, blocked the canals, there was no gap, no one could pass, and the name of Yuer Shuo was built here.

The Dali Lake tourist area integrates grasslands and lakes. There are various legends here. Everything here shows the spiritual show of mountains and rivers, the magnificence of grasslands, the beauty of lakes, and the exquisite fish feast. While enjoying the Mongolian style, taste all the local flavor meals in the Jiangnan water village. The mountains and rivers here welcome you, and the people here welcome you to come and visit again next time!

Car From Beijing, you can take the Xizhang Highway or you can take the train from Beijing North Railway Station to Chifeng Station, and then take a long-distance bus to reach Renoir in about 6 hours.

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