Dapeng Peninsula Tourism

Dapeng Peninsula faces Daya Bay in the east, borders Huizhou, embraces Dapeng Bay in the west, and looks at Hong Kong New Territories. The land area is 294.18 square kilometers, the coastline is 133.22 kilometers, and the forest coverage rate is 76%. Human resources, obvious location advantages and huge development potential. Due to the strict protection of ecological resources, Dapeng Peninsula has become the largest and best-preserved ecological land in Shenzhen.

There is a shuttle bus from Guangzhou Bus Terminal to Aotou. You can also go to Huizhou first, and the shuttle bus from Huizhou Bus Station to Aotou runs every 15 minutes at 11 yuan / person.

Bag The speedboat chartered at the dock is 50 yuan. If there are 7 people per boat, if you dont have enough 7 people, you may be lucky enough to meet someone who comes back to purchase the island. By the way, it will take you by the way, but the price is slightly higher.

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