Danxia Mountain Scenic Area

Danxia Mountain is located 9 kilometers south of Renhua County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, and 56 kilometers away from Shaoguan City. Danxia Mountain is a red sandstone peak forest area with cliffs everywhere. The topographic characteristics of the land have become the naming place for the special term of geomorphology Danxia Landform. Also known as China s Red Stone Park . The natural scenery of Danxia Mountain is a combination of strong, dangerous, beautiful and secluded. It is the first strange mountain in Lingnan and ranks first among the four famous mountains in Guangdong.

Danxia Mountain Scenic Area includes Danxia Mountain Scenic Area, Dashi Mountain Scenic Area, Shao Shishan Scenic Area and Jinjiang Scenic Area, with a total area of ​​350 square kilometers. The Danxia Mountain Scenic Area and some Jinjiang Scenic Areas have been opened to tourists .

Luo Danxia Mountain Scenic Spot is divided into three levels: upper, middle and lower. The lower layer is Jinshiyan. The natural cave has its Buddha Hall, Guanyin Hall, and Nobita Treasure Hall. There are more than 20 people in Pichuni. The top of the cave has a stone dragon. Biechuan Temple is the main attraction, with more than 30 monks and incense. In addition, there are scenery such as Tongtian Gorge, Dan Titie, and hotels, restaurants and other reception services; the upper level has the Elder Peak, Conch Peak and Baozhu Peak. The Elder Peak is a good place to overlook the magical peaks, the rising sun and the sunset. There are many scenic spots around Sengmao Peak, Wanglanggui, and Jade Girl Toujiang. On the Conch Peak, there is a screw top floating slaughter, and there are many caves such as conch rock, snow rock, and grass hanging rock. At Mount Everest, there are attractions such as Hongqiao Yongcui, Longwangquan, and Ruoshi Chaoxi. There are also many exotic flowers and g rasses on Danxia Mountain, and the cliff carvings are also wonderful.

In the Jinjin River Scenic Area, motor yachts, boating, swimming and other projects have been opened for roaming to enjoy marvelous sights such as river crossing, golden pilgrimage pilgrimage, six-finger trapping, sister peaks, teapot peaks, and Guanyin gifts, as well as rural pastoral scenery.

At the foot of the mountain, there are famous guesthouses such as China Hotel, Post and Telecommunications Guest House, Fuyu Entertainment City (Scenic Resort), etc. There is the Bodhi Temple in Biechuan Temple in Banshan. If you want to watch the sunrise , it s better to live in mid-levels, and the summit is relatively convenient.

There is a Danxia tour bus at Shaoguan Railway Station (every 15 minutes, the fare is 10 yuan / person) directly to Xinshan Gate of Danxia Mountain. Tickets for scenic spots can be purchased at Xinshan Gate (70 yuan package, including Danxia Mountain main area and Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Area). Free transfer to the uphill location.

50 kilometers from Danxia Mountain to Shaoguan Railway Station, there are secondary roads connected; at Xinshan Gate of Danxia Mountain, there are shuttle buses to Renhua County, tourist buses and various taxis to Shaoguan; Shaoguan has 38 pairs of passengers to all parts of the country train. If you want to go to Fujian or Jiangxi, you can change to a long-distance coach from Shaoguan to Fujian and Jiangxi at Zhoutian. If you go north or south to the Pearl River Delta, you can take the train.

From Tianhe, Guangzhou, take the South China Expressway → North Second Ring Road → Taihe Interchange to Jingzhu Expressway → get off at Shaoguan South Station (about 2.5 hours by car). Pass Shaoguan city to Danxia Mountain (about 1 hour by car) .

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