Danish cuisine: simmering with mermaids

Every season, there are recommended special gourmet wines. Traditional restaurants may stick to old-fashioned cooking methods. For example, strawberries must be served with cream and shrimp, and a piece of butter-made white bread underneath. However, if the restaurant uses young and imaginative chefs, he may think that a new approach can be used, fresh boiled shrimp with new potatoes and sweet summer strawberries.

Gourmet souvenirs allow you to relive the joy of your journey after returning home. You can buy home-grown food at gourmet specialty stores all over the country. Smoked fish, Danish pastry, and chocolate are among the most popular foods. Other delicious specialties such as honey, honey cakes, butter cookies, sausages, cheese, herring marinated with herbs or spices are also worth taking home.

Seafood is always on the restaurant s menu. A typical lunch restaurant will definitely serve cold dishes such as Christians? Sild. This dish takes a slice of whole rye bread, coats it with butter, and then puts herring marinated in herbs or spices. Other typical fish meals at restaurants serving mixed dishes are grilled pike perch with lemon grass foam and crispy parsnips.

This irresistibly crisp Danish dessert must be served with breakfast or sweet coffee at any time. This Danish speciality is an indispensable dessert for any buffet breakfast, and a wide variety of Danish pastries can be found in bakeries throughout.

Danish restaurants, mainly trout, shrimp and herring, mutton, etc. The restaurant has a lot of landscape paintings and waxed floors, and the dining environment is very comfortable. Typical Danish sandwiches can only be ordered in advance.

Located next to the ancient canal, it is a famous seafood shop. All the seafood is guaranteed to be fresh and available every season. Among them, winter cod is the most delicious.

Restaurant This restaurant is the remains of the chapel in the Middle Ages. The wine cellar of the time is still preserved, and the wall of the cellar is made of stone. Steak is this restaurant s signature dish, grilled over charcoal and has a rather unique flavor.

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