Dangjia Village Ancient Houses [Shaanxi Hancheng]

Dangjia Village is located in Dangjia Village, 9 kilometers northeast of Hancheng District, Shaanxi Province, and only 3 kilometers from the Yellow River. It is the best-preserved Ming and Qing architectural village in China. It is called living fossils of the ancient traditional residential villages of eastern humans .

Qiang Dangjia Village has a history of more than 660 years. In the second year of Yuan Zhishun (1331), Dang Shuxuan settled here by farming. In the Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, his grandson Sun Zhongzheng really drafted a village construction plan. During the Chenghua years of the Ming Dynasty, the two parties named Jia and Jia were married, partnered to do business, and established the Hexingfa business. They did business in Zhumadian, Henan, and the business was booming. According to family history, the village was thousands of silver darts into the darts, and the richest Han Han. During the eight years of Ming Hongzhi s life, Jia Yi, the party s nephew, moved to Dangjia Village, where the two surnames joined together . Financial resources are more prosperous, and the courtyard building entered its heyday in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty. In the first year of Qing Xianfeng (1851), in order to prevent bandits, another 182,000 silver banks were built in Biyang Fortress, and a pattern of unified villages was formed.

Entering the stone laneway of Dangjia Village, the high-profile, elegant and beautiful courtyard gate is particularly noticeable. The striking inscription on the doorway reflects the status and belief of the owner. And wealth. There is a courtyard house, which is the golden lotus of Dangjia Village in the history. The layout of the village lanes is even more amazing. There is Wenxing Pagoda in the southeast of the village. It is said that Wenxing Pagoda hides dust-proof beads.

When the Dangjia Village was in its heyday, there were hundreds of courtyard houses, dozens of sentry gates guarding the alleys, and the gates were closed in the dark. At present, most of the sentry posts have been demolished, but the housekeeping house in Gaocheng Village still tells tourists about the splendor and panic of Dangjia Village in the past. Today, there are still more than 120 courtyard houses in Dangjia Village. People here still live and work in these ancient courtyard houses.

  Transportation: There is a shuttle bus from Hancheng. The CMB from Hancheng to Xiaojikou is at the mouth of Dangjia Village, which is 2 kilometers away. Hancheng is 9 kilometers from Dangjia Village.

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