Danba-Dangling-Mosca trekking

Dangling Scenic Spot is located in Bian er Township, Danba County, Sichuan Province, with a total area of ​​368 square kilometers. Dangling Scenic Area has magnificent mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, a wide range of biological species, and natural ecosystems that are fully preserved. In the scenic area, there are more than 30 alpine lakes containing smoke and blue water, such as gourd sea, Zhuo Yongcuo, Macuo, Sianyie, and Ayumutso. They are embedded in the valley, like a five-colored treasure mirror. These alpine lakes, which are called haizi by the locals, are the moraine dam lakes and ice bucket lakes formed after the retreat of the Quaternary ancient glaciers.

Hu The Huluhai, located 5 kilometers upstream of the Keluke River in Dangling Scenic Area, is the most accessible and ornamental lake in Dangling Scenic Area. The lake is clear and bottomless, and scaleless fishes swim in the lake. Rare animals such as citron, argali, and takin often go to the lake to drink water. Various wild ornamental plants around the lake are amazing. At present, the road to Huluhai has not been repaired, and only horse riding or hiking can be used for the tour.

8:30 Contact the chartered car to Danba (known as the Country of Thousands of Thousands), the mileage is estimated to be 200 kilometers, and the small noodle will arrive in about 3-4 hours. Stay at Yang Bo s home—Tashi Zhuokang, 30 yuan. In the afternoon, Yang Bo drove everyone to the ancient carvings in Suopo and Jiaju Zangzhai or Zhonglu Zangzhai.

The ancient pavilion in Suopo is the representative of Danba, an ancient country of Qianlong. It is the most concentrated place in ancient pagoda in Danba area. The tower from the highway across the bank is very spectacular. At present, there is only one tower that can be visited. The watchtower of the Ruondu family. The place has been developed, attractions tickets are 20 yuan.

Jiaju Zangzhai Village, the most beautiful ancient village and town in China, has been developed for tourism. Tickets are 30 yuan / person. There are three villages from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain. You can visit the developed residents to receive demonstration households, eat at Tibetan homes, apple, Specialty pears, walnuts, and other specialties, feel free to taste, try butter tea.

Langzhong Road is an ancient place with Neolithic life ruins and a temple, Sarako Temple, which is worth a visit. Zhonglu Township is also a beautiful village, with more quaint houses than Jiaju, and a variety of stone piers. From here, you can also look at Mount Merdo.

Mount Merdo is one of the four major mountains in Tibet. The mountain is not very high. At an elevation of 4,820 meters, it is the most famous mountain in the Jiarong Tibetan area and the cultural center of the Tibetan people. The mountain is surrounded by 56 peaks. There are many beautiful legends.

It costs about 40 yuan per person to go by chartered car. At the Yang Bo family (Tashi Zhuokang), each person costs 100 yuan (2 nights) at noon on the day and 30 yuan for dinner. A chartered car costs 1500 yuan, about 300 yuan per person, and a ticket costs 30 yuan. If you buy food for three days in Danba and Mosca, it costs about 50 yuan. Of course, to Jiaju, Middle Road, and Sopo, you can also wait for a car at the bridge outside the county seat, usually 3 yuan / person. It is recommended that chartering is more convenient and saves time. In this way, one day is enough to go to three places, and the mini noodle is about 100 yuan. Recommended driver Master Zhang, the price is more reasonable, mobile phone: 13568285214. It takes about 15 minutes to drive from the county seat to Jiaju, Middle Road and Suopo.

1. Danba Youth Hostel and Danba Hotel are located on the outskirts of the northwestern part of the county. Youth hostels are 50 yuan / bed in peak season and 20 yuan / bed in normal times. Boss Zhou Xiaolin, phone: 0836-3521075. The disadvantage is that it is far from the county seat and it takes about 20 minutes to walk, which is extremely inconvenient for going to the county seat by car the next day.

2, Danba Apartment, located in the center of the county seat. The standard room is usually 20 yuan / person, with bathroom, Yuba and hot water. Boss Li Kaiji, phone 0836-3521195.

Luodanba passes Dandong Township to Mosca, 100 kilometers. There are two options. One is a bus to Dandong Township in Xiheqiao, Danba County, but the departure time is late. The time to arrive in Dandong is about 4 pm. At this time, it is not realistic to go to Mosca again. You can stay in Dandongxiang s privately-owned small inn, and go to the nearby hot springs for bathing at night; the second is to charter Mosca directly from Danba County. It is planned to adopt the second method, make an appointment to charter Yang Bo to Moska, and the journey will take 8 hours. The village of Moska is about 4000 meters above sea level, and the mountain pass to be crossed from Dandong to Moska is about 4500 meters above sea level.

In the morning, take a trip around Haizizi and the high waterfall, and the journey is about 15 kilometers. In the afternoon, go on a horse riding tour to the small temple surrounded by the forest and admire the Gesar stone carvings carved hundreds of years ago. The round trip is about 15 kilometers. Bao Ma is expected to be 100 yuan per person. Room and board 40 yuan.

To observe the religious activities of Jinlong Temple, ask the living Buddha to make a wish. Or hanging out in a daze. Return to Dandong Township in the afternoon and head directly to Dangling. 10 yuan for Chinese food. That night, we stayed at the village chief Huaerrong s house. Dinner was 15 yuan per person and the night was 30 yuan.

Wake up at 7:30 in the morning, eat breakfast at the village chief s house for 10 yuan, 5 yuan for sanitation, set out from behind to Dahaizi, go through the airfield, dry Haizi trip 4 hours to Huluhai, eat at noon in Huluhai, 2pm Depart for Dahaizi (Zhuo Yongcuo) and camp in Dahaizi at night.

Starting the next morning, take a picture of Rizhao Jinshan landscape (Moerduo Mountain), pull out of camp after breakfast, return to Huluhai two hours later, return to Dangling Village at 2pm, and return to Danba by car. Overnight at Yang Bo s house.

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