Dameisha Gold Coast Tourism

Dameisha Gold Coast is located between Yantian Port and Xiaomeisha, and can be reached by car in half an hour from the city. It has the longest beach in Shenzhen. The sea is clear, the beach is broad, and the sand is soft. Dameisha Casino has beach horse races, water speed boats, large music and lighting fountains, outdoor song and dance halls, and barbecue venues.

The reconstruction of the Dameisha area, where the efforts of first-class planning designers at home and abroad and tens of thousands of builders have been brought together, has successfully used the natural conditions of Dameisha to back the mountains and the sea, to lead the mountain view to the sea, the sea view to the mountain, and the blue sky, Baiyun, Hongchaoxia, and Xizhao can all become the most moving theme in the beautiful melody. After the completion of the first phase of the Dameisha renovation project, a number of party and state leaders inspected it. They spoke highly of the design and construction of Dameisha Beach Park.

44 viewing platforms have been built on Yanmei Road to allow tourists watching the sea to relax and have a rest. At present, these four viewing platforms have begun to take shape, and they have four very beautiful names: Xiufeng Guanlan, Binhai Pearl, Yalanmenghai and Dongpu Fishing Fire.

I suggest that you go to the seafood street in Yantian District, because it is a seafood stall, the price is not expensive. The restaurants on this street are all two-story small buildings built along the coastline. The top floor is set with a sea-view terrace. Most of them are mainly Hakka and Chaoshan flavors. The freshly caught seafood is simply steamed and poured on top. The special soy sauce comes on the table, which not only tastes delicious but also maintains nutrition.

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