Dalian Shell Museum [Dalian, Liaoning]

The Dalian Shell Museum stands in the ancient castle on the hillside on the east side of Xinghai Square. It displays more than 5,000 species and more than 7,000 rare shells from the four oceans in the world. It is the largest shell museum in Asia.

As one of the main biota species in nature, shellfish is said to have begun in the middle period of the Pleistocene (700 million years ago) to the beginning of the Paleozoic period (600 million years ago), and has evolved through a long period of time to this day. The colorful forms confirm the steps of natural evolution, and the colorful and complicated functions reflect the process of social evolution.

Form: The king of the largest shell on display is 3.4 meters in length and 0.80 meters in width, which can be called an ocean “big Mac”; the heaviest tens of kilograms are re-transmitted as cannibalism; the smallest and lightest are Only the slightest Sabbe needs appreciation with the help of a magnifying glass. The shape is either round or flat, or fan-shaped, polygonal, irregular, etc.; textures include wind whiskers, leopard spots, peacock opening screens, etc.; the texture is no shortage of jasper, ruby, agate, etc.

Function: Shellfish and humans have a long-standing relationship. In different historical periods, they have been widely used by humans as food, currency, tools, decorative items, jewelry, etc. Shellfish brings the breath and romance of the sea to people who are far away from the ocean, and is a forever friend of mankind.

Most of the exhibits of Dalian Shell Museum are from the personal collection of Mr. Zhang Yi, a famous shell collector of Dalian nationality. In addition, the world-renowned shell expert and director of Japan s East Economic Mollusc Research Institute are employed as guidance consultants. Opened in May 2003.

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