Dalian Modern Museum [Dalian, Liaoning]

In 1955, comrades and other historical relics dedicated to the Soviet martyrs towers, exquisite gifts from guests at home and abroad since reform and opening up, etc. can be seen at the Dalian Modern Museum.

As an iconic cultural construction to commemorate the century-old construction of Dalian and the opening of the 21st century, the Dalian Modern Museum showcases the changes in the past century, the development and changes of half a century, and especially the achievements of reform and opening up over 20 years.

Dalian Modern Museum is the first comprehensive modern museum in China, and it has created a new model of cultural expedition and real life. Modern museum exhibits with a construction area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters are displayed in a “museum-in- middle ”format, with more than 20 special exhibition halls.

Currently, there are tens of thousands of exhibits in the modern museum. Among them, the Buick sedan produced in the United States in 1914, the giant Yellow River Chengni and the Indian gem pendant are the three Treasures of the Town Hall.

Modern technology exhibitions are also a major feature of the modern museum. In its exhibitions, a large number of high-tech methods such as film and television technology and multimedia touch screens were used. The whole museum has more than 20 rear-projection TVs and plasma TVs, of which 300-cm rear projection There are more than 10 large screens. In terms of quantity and grade, they are all in the leading position in museums across the country.

Dalian Modern Museum was invested by Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for 200 million yuan. Construction started in November 1999. It took more than 2 years and officially opened to the public in March 2002. The exhibition area is 15,000 square meters. The square column-shaped modern European-style structure with a square shape is pure white and black on the east and west sides, and the top is a curved glass vault. The whole building has five floors, one underground and four above ground.

Dalian Modern Museum is located in the northwest side of Dalian Xinghaiwan Square. It is China s first comprehensive museum with a modern title. It covers an area of ​​over 20,000 square meters and has a building area of ​​over 30,000 square meters. Completed and open to the outside world. The Dalian Modern Museum adopts a magnificent, luxurious and elegant western architectural style, but its black and white main wall is the embodiment of China s yin-yang theory . The combination of Chinese and Western styles is unique and modern. It is the landmark building of Dalian in the 21st century. The corridor between the museum s square and the main entrance are exactly 21 meters away, and as a result, the metaphor has entered the 21st century.

The ground architecture of the Dalian Modern Museum is divided into a lobby and an exhibition hall. The lobby is exquisite and gorgeous, with a sculpture of circle place in the middle. The sphere symbolizing the circle is engraved with the same planet, love the hot earth for one side. On the base is the name of the honorary citizen of Dalian.

The exhibition area of ​​the Dalian Modern Museum is 15,000 square meters, which mainly displays the century-old history and society of Dalian. It is an encyclopedia of Dalian. It is divided into urban style, flying economy, romantic capital , retrospective and Looking forward to the four theme exhibitions, with a total of 22 exhibition areas and nearly 5,000 exhibits, from different perspectives and aspects, it shows the changes of the past century in Dalian.

In the four major thematic exhibitions of the Dalian Museum of Modern Art, the city features consist of Pearl of the North, Bincheng Architecture, Old Dalian, Friendly Exchanges, Our Traffic, Women s Police, The garden city and our housing are composed of eight parts; the flying economy is divided into six aspects: agriculture, aquaculture, industry, commerce, scientific and technological information and economic pioneers; the romantic capital is composed of Culture, education, sports, health, spiritual civilization construction, and tourism are composed of six parts; Review and Prospects are composed of Century Review and Future Dalian .

Dalian Modern Museum has a building area of ​​30,400 square meters and an exhibition area of ​​15,000 square meters. The exterior is a square-style modern column-style European style structure with square and vertical columns. The east and west sides. are pure white and black, and the top is a curved glass vault. The whole building has five floors, one underground and four above ground.

As the iconic cultural facility of Dalian in the 21st century, the Dalian Museum of Modern History has witnessed the changes of Dalian for a century, especially the great changes that have entered the reform and opening up for more than 20 years, with its epic magnificence and extensive and profound display contents.. Here, the successful experience of Dalian s urban construction is at a glance; here, it becomes an academic field for studying the history of modern social development in Dalian; here, it opens a window for the world to understand and recognize Dalian; here, it is a hall of knowledge for the public to receive education; Here, provide a cultural and spiritual home for people. The Dalian Modern Museum has both a historical sense of depth and a realistic cross-section . It is a condensed local history of Dalian and an image encyclopedia. The exhibition consists of 22 branches, divided into four major themes, the first theme is City Scenery. It consists of 8 branches of th e northern pearl, Bincheng building, old Dalian, friendly exchanges, our transportation, policewoman, garden city, and our housing. It outlines the grace of young Dalian from different sides, showing her openness to the world And the historic changes that have taken place in the urban construction and living environment. The second major theme is The Economy Soaring. It shows Dalian s economic development trajectory and comprehensive economic strength from all aspects of agriculture, industry, commerce, scientific and technological information, and economic pilot zones . The third major theme is the Romantic Capital, which mainly shows Dalian s culture, education, sports, health, spiritual civilization construction, and tourism, in order to portray Dalian s clothing city, football city, and hometown of track and field. Charming human landscape and romantic spirituality. The fourth theme is Review and Prospect. Looking back on the century is like a textbook that reproduces th e vicissitudes and ups and downs of a century in Dalian. It has experienced humiliation and struggle, hardships and glory. At the same time, with the theme of the future Dalian, we look forward to the future of Dalian s highly open, prosperous and highly civilized modern international city. The four major themes complement each other, three-dimensionally highlight the vigorous vitality of Dalian, and profoundly excavate the rich heritage of Dalian s rapid development.

Modern   Dalian Modern Museum has a rich display content, bringing together Dalian s outstanding achievements in many fields such as politics, economy, culture, sports, science and technology, and education in the past century. The museum collects more than 8,000 exhibits . The museum displays more than 3,000 real objects, more than 1,860 pictures, 61 models, and 43 sculptures. There are the world s largest Huanghe Chengni maggots; there are also high-quality diamonds from the Wafangdian that account for 54% of the country s production; there are old Buick cars that are representative products of the American automobile industry in the early 20th century; The iron bell in the temple; the elaborate couplet devoted to the Soviet martyrs tower in 1955. Through the smoke of history, the spirit of solemnity is still moving; the earth cannot be regenerated, the world is extremely rare, unique in China, 600 million years ago during the Sinian period Sedimentary rock specimens such as cracked stones, rose stones, and golden stones settled in the Jinshitan branch; after the reform and opening up, 692 gifts from guests at home and abroad to the people of Dalian were wonderful, including the gold silk jewellery tapestry presented by Indian President Narayanan when he visited Dalian. There are 365 precious stones of various precious stones embedded in it.

Dalian   Dalian Modern Museum pursues modern design concepts, avant-garde design style, from color application to material selection, from lighting effects to acoustic coordination, and reflects modernity everywhere. The large-colored block geometric composition of the plane, set off different themes, filled the exhibition area with a modern atmosphere: the light as the soul of the modern museum exhibition area was ingenious in the exhibition: the blue light tone darkened the romantic temperament of Dalian, and 22 exhibitions will be displayed. The pavilion is photographed in the overall style; the local lighting of different colors starts from the characteristics of the exhibits, and highlights the characteristics of the exhibits.

Dalian Modern Museum also pays special attention to the use of modern high-tech achievements in the exhibition. Modern sound, light, and electricity means reproduce the past, present, and future of Dalian from the bottom, the land, and the sky. Intuitive and more three-dimensional. A large number of high-tech display methods such as film and television technology, virtual reality, and multimedia touch screen were used to arouse the interest and enthusiasm of the audience. The strong visual impact of the 12-meter -wide, 2-meter, and 35-height ultra-wide screen of the Huanghai Avenue Pavilion is the highest among museums in the country. Some high-tech projects are also refreshing. For example, the optical principle is used to refract the film and television signals to a certain position in space. The superb beauty of beautiful models is blended into the beautiful night city scene, which also shows the charm of the clothing city..

Dalian   Dalian Modern Museum emphasizes the integration of knowledge, fun and participation as a modern exhibition concept, making the visitor s journey easy and enjoyable. You can take the eggs and turn them into chicks in 21 days; you can take a car simulation of the driver to enjoy the city of Dalian; the realistic simulation cockpit of the grand scene makes you feel the strong stimulation of the sea journey; the interactive implementation of the synthetic performance system allows you to experience the wonderful mood of flying carpets in the air . The 2 and a half-meter big crab opens its teeth and dances to you; calligraphy robots take your inscriptions.

新. The use of new materials makes the exhibition of Dalian Modern Museum unique in the national museum system. In the display, it followed high design, high level, high quality, and low materials. The most common materials such as glass and white steel were used in the display. Under the conceptual design of the creators, glass pianos, glass cabinets, and color-plated glass trays These wonderful combinations of tables and glass lounge chairs make people feel the gorgeousness of display art in modern concepts.

Dalian Modern Museum is an indoor exhibition hall that can be visited all year round. If it s winter, after walking through Xinghai Square, you will just enter the modern museum.

The Dalian Modern Museum is near the Convention and Exhibition Center. There are many restaurants around Xinghai Square, and it is quite large. One plus one in Taipei, and a fishing port. There are also many restaurants opposite the Modern Museum. Many restaurants.

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