Dalian Forest Zoo

Dalian Forest Zoo is located in the Baiyun Scenic Spot of Baiyun Scenic Area at the southern end of the beautiful urban area. Dalian Forest Zoo was founded in 1990 and covers an area of ​​7.2 hectares. It is surrounded by mountains and sea, surrounded by mountains, and has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery.

The Gongyuan District is divided into six functional areas, displaying 130 kinds of animals and more than 1,000 heads (only). The chimpanzee that can be stingy, the monkey park built according to the original nature of the nature, the standing bear mountain, the unique Asian elephant museum, the meek and lovely big and small pandas, the squirrel monkey, the passionate flamingo in the comprehensive nature reserve, all-weather The tropical rain forest museum, science museum, amphibious museum, and seal show hall are all gathered with natural style, and the theme of animal is a friend of mankind forever is experienced everywhere.

In the park, there are three newly-designed Takahashi sub-frames in the north-south area. The park-viewing vehicles for tourists to visit in all directions, modern barrier-free passages and special cars for infants and the disabled, public telephones , catering, children s entertainment and other facilities. New service content.

The Dalian Forest Zoo mainly highlights new, oddness, and special in animal breeds, and highlights less and fine and large populations in animal populations. The feeding methods are mainly free-range and garden-based ., Highlighting all-weather and human-animal communication, forming an organic combination of natural and human landscapes.

After you purchase a ticket in the captive area, if you need to walk into the main area for about 20 minutes, you can also take an elevated train to enter the main area. The elevated train is 1 km in length and runs for about 8 minutes. The fare is 5–10 yuan.

Tourists who bring their own cars to buy a pass, please save your parking fee receipt, and you don t need to pay parking fees to visit another area. After you have visited the captivity area, you can take a car from the back door exit to enter the golden beach of Binhai Road. When you see a group of gorilla road lead sculptures, turn left to the zoo captive area.

Tourists If you buy a pass without a car, after you have toured the captive area or the stocking area, you will be provided with a free one-way aerial ropeway to enter another exhibition area. In case of heavy wind or rainstorm, the ropeway will be stopped by Damen bus at the entrance of the ropeway for free. Tourists who bought the pass before 14:30 in the captivity area, please take the ropeway to enter the stocking area before 15:30.

Dalian Forest Zoo takes about 3 minutes to drive from Fujiazhuang Bathing Beach. There are both ethnic-style bamboo buildings and Thai-style shaded awnings on the shore. It is not fun and can provide fresh water showers, catering, accommodation, entertainment and other services.

Ticket prices: Packages for the first and second phases (including climbing ropeway): 40 yuan (children) and 80 yuan (adults). You can enjoy a 50% discount with your student ID. Active duty soldiers are required to hold a free ticket ; children under 1.3 meters are free of charge.

Special reminder: The entrance of the first phase park is near Nanshidao Street, and the entrance of the second phase is Binhai Road Wild Animal Park Station (5, 702, 541). If you buy a package, you can take the free aerial ropeway (one way) from phase one to phase two.

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