Dahong Mountain Green Forest Village Tourism

Lvlin Mountain Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level scenic area. It is the core scenic spot of Dahongshan National Scenic Area approved by the State Council together with Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou in 1988. It is located at the south of Dahong Mountain and in the north of Jingshan County. The scenic area is 120 square kilometers. Lvlin Mountain is the source of the famous second peasant uprising in Chinese history and the birthplace of Emperor Guangxiu Liu Xiu of Han Dynasty. Lvlin Mountain Scenic Spot is a star tourism project that Hubei Guangxin Group has made every effort. Mr. Zhao Zuobin, the president of the group, proposed that “planning and designing new, projects conceived, and brand building brilliant” in the construction of scenic spots, build big green forests, create big brands, develop big tourism, spend huge sums of money on development and construction, and effectively integrate the scenic spots. History, humanities, and ecotourism resources.

The Green Forest Mountain Scenic Area has the only well-preserved ancient soldier village in China, the beauty valley waterfall group known as Hubei New Jiuzhai, and the world s first natural stone chime bell proven by authoritative experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is boundless and full of mystery The original virgin forest and the Chinese Han Culture Village with brilliant historical and cultural heritage, there are exciting Xixi rafting, the largest quality development base in central China and a live CS field base. The Green Forest Mountain Scenic Area is an ideal choice for the integration of mountains, water, forests, springs, and caves, which can be used for health, leisure, vacation, rafting, field operations, expansion, sketching, meetings, and blind dates.

With an area of ​​about 20 square kilometers, Lilu Linzhai Scenic Area is a tourist area with historical and cultural themes. Green Forest Village has a history of more than 2,000 years. It was here that Liu Xiu, a native of Zaoyang, Hubei , formed an alliance with Wang Kuang and Wang Feng, and has since embarked on the road to the founding of the East Han Dynasty. Therefore, the Green Forest Mountain is known as the emperor s strong wind and green forest, the first mountain of Guangwu Zhongxing. Shi Shu said: Guangwu created a base, a trillion in the green forest, a soldier can fly to the dragon, Zhongxing Emperor. The existing green forest barracks and green forest ten Sanjie, Eighteen Scenery of Green Forest Scenery, etc.

Nulu Linzhai Scenic Area has newly opened family tour routes such as Gulu Bridge, Brother Bai, Sister Gui, etc. It has developed a military cultural performance base that imitates Han, and has added air corridors and unique performances. Tourists are on the top of the mountain and feel the lofty sentiment of green man, hero of heaven and earth in the real historical scene of 2,000 years.

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