Dahantai Western Han Tomb Museum

The Dahantai Western Han Tomb Museum in Beijing is a unique museum of the emperor s mausoleum. It was built on the original underground palace of Liu Jian (73-45 BC) in the Western Han Dynasty over 2,000 years ago. Of. Located in Fengtai District, Beijing, adjacent to Beijing World Park. Covers an area of ​​18,000 square meters. The main display content: the original site of the palace and cultural relics, the exhibition of Chinese emperor s tombs; there are also unique styles that can participate in projects, such as simulated archeology, Han cultural entertainment activities, etc. The underground palace is large in scale and special in structure. It uses the system of Heavenly Son, which is the highest burial system used by the Western Han emperor. It is historically known as Zi palace, coma, yellow bowel. The entire ground palace is made of several hundred square cypresses, nanmu and other precious woods. It is 23.2 meters long from north to south, 18 meters wide from east t o west, and 4.7 meters from the ground. There are 3 vehicles and 11 horses buried in the cemetery, which are practical horses and horses. Shi Zai is a Zhuban round green covered car specially designed for the Crown Prince and princes. More than a thousand unearthed cultural relics, including bronze, iron, jade, lacquer, agate, Jinbo, pottery and silk. The Digong site and the chariots and horses are the only large-scale Han tomb sites in the country that are best preserved at the original site. They are precious materials for studying Chinese Han culture and Beijing history.

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