Dafu Mountain Forest Park

Dafushan Forest Park is located three kilometers west of Shiqiao Town, Panyu District. It crosses Shiqiao and Zhongcun towns, is adjacent to Shunde Country Garden, and is connected to Qifu New Village in the north. The total area is about 9,000 acres. The continuous mountains in the park are surrounded by the second peak of Fuyu Mountain, Panyu, which is 222.6 meters above sea level. There are also large and small mountain ponds and artificial lakes. The unique pavilions add color to the beautiful park environment. The park s lakes and mountains, towering trees, green grass, flowers, flowers and birds, a variety of palm plants create a tropical wind scene.

The overall plan of the park is mainly based on forest culture, with the guiding ideology of optimizing the ecological environment, protecting natural resources, scientific utilization, and appropriate construction. Make full use of natural resources such as forests, climates, mountains and waters, and highlight the forest scenery, so that sightseeing, excursions, leisure vacations, fitness treatments, etc. are integrated into modern forest parks. The park is composed of a lake and flower area, an idyllic ecological sightseeing area, a Dafu Mountain Range Rover area , a central scenic area, a lawn wilderness area, a forest amusement area, a water marsh amusement area, and a sports and recreation area.

From 1996 to 2000, the government of Panyu District invested more than 100 million yuan to build Dafushan Forest Park. The first phase of the construction of the Huguang Flower and Trees Ornamental Zone was basically completed. It was opened free of charge in August 1999, with an average of more than 2,000 tourists per day on holidays. Nearly ten thousand people. At present, the first phase of the park is to open a lake-light flower and flower viewing area centered on Juxiu Lake, which covers an area of 280 acres. The entire area covers an area of ​​about 2,000 acres. There are barbecue, fishing, yacht docks, kites, Children s playground, adult playground, aeroplane pier and tea room and multiple service departments. Panyu Dafushan Forest Park is a good place for urban people to play and a place for people to relax.

Route 9: Dafushan Forest Park, Hengjiang Village, Tinggen Village, Federal Industrial Village, Shatou New Village, Bishan Avenue West, Land and Resources Bureau, Guangming Middle Road, Qingshao Palace, New Square, North Bridge, South Bridge Head, Southern District, Agricultural Vocational Middle School, Jinye Villa Garden. Or transfer to No. 16 bus near Panyu Bus Terminal and Baiyue Square.

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