Dafeng Elk Nature Reserve

Dafeng Elk Reserve in Jiangsu Province is located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, with a total area of ​​40,000 acres. It is currently the world s largest wild elk stocking ground. The elk is a rare animal unique to the country, comparable to the giant panda. It has horns like deer, faces like horses, tails like donkeys, and hooves like cows.

The wild populations of mule deer have long since disappeared, and now the only 2,000 elk that remain in the world are kept artificially. On August 14, 1986, with the help of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the National Forestry Department, 39 elk returned from the United Kingdom to Dafeng, Jiangsu, a century away, and were stocked in the Dafeng Elk Reserve. In the past 10 years, under the careful management of scientific and technological personnel in the reserve, the elk has normally multiplied and expanded on the land of the hometown. Now the population has reached 268, becoming the world s largest wild stocked population. The world s first. In addition to elk in the reserve, there are also a large number of wild animals. There are more than two types of protected animals in two countries, such as the red-crowned crane, white-naped crane, swan, white-tailed sea eagle, and flounder. Significant increase.

With the development of the elk protection cause, the development of eco-tourism, and the improvement of comprehensive benefits, the Dafeng local government has opened an additional 300 acres of land in the reserve and established the scenic spot of the elk garden with wild charm . The gatehouse, group carvings, Wanglu Pavilion, leisure pavilion, Taigong Pavilion, Xianren Bridge, and Qulang are graceful. Audio-visual education hall, deer watching field and domestication field have been opened to the public. Hotels, restaurants, canteens, photography departments, cold drink cafes, and convenient cars provide high-quality services for tourists. You can climb up to the elk tower, the protected area and the smoky beaches to see the scenery, so that visitors can t stop seeing it. The domesticated elk and red-crowned crane posed for a group photo, leaving a good memory.

In the restaurant of the reserve, you can taste the mud snails of several methods. The traditional way of eating is to use salt wine to make them. For example, the famous Wu You mud snails are naturally delicious. In recent years, the eating style of stir-fried snails and snail soup has risen again. It is fresh and delicious.

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