Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort Tourism

Shaanxi Cuihuashan National Geological Park is located at the northern foot of Qinling Mountains in Chang an District, Xi an. It is 20 kilometers away from the urban area and covers an area of ​​32 square kilometers. Its main peak, Zhongnan Mountain , is 2604 meters above sea level. Cuihua Mountain is famous for its landslide wonders that are unique to the country and rare in the world. It is known as the Museum of Natural Geology and Geomorphology. According to research, a large earthquake occurred in the second year of King Zhou You (780 BC), and a geological landscape of the Cuihua Mountain landslide was formed. After the retrieval by the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Science and Technology Information, the landslide landscape is unique, the structure is typical, the scale is huge, it is rare in the country, the world Rarely. The landslide spectacle of China is so numerous that it has become the nation s popularization base for popular science education and culture.

Wu Fangyu, walking in the winding path, walking ten miles, charming birds, accompanied by a brook, thinking of the gods, strange and special Baitan, there are Jade Lake, Twin Turtles Playing in Water, Golden Boy Jade Girl, and satin bead curtain. It s fascinating. Negative oxygen ions linger in the natural oxygen bar to watch the highest nine-day waterfall on the northern slope of Qinling Mountain, and feel the winding path, as if entering Yaochi, like entering a fairyland on earth, experiencing passionate life!

A natural dammed lake is formed in the mountains at an altitude of 1100 meters. It can be rowing, speedboating, and water walking ball in spring, summer, and autumn. It is exciting and enjoyable. In winter, the grass field can be used for skiing, snow sledding and sledding. For rock-loving tourists, there are 12 climbing tracks to challenge themselves in the natural rock field.

Take the thousand-year Qinchu ancient trail in May, you can enjoy thousands of acres of rhododendrons, 10,000 acres of meadows, China s Central National Park-the Qinling Mountains, the natural scenery is very different from north to south. In mid -October, you can enjoy the autumn leaves and carry out a backpacking tour of the South Peak.

Shanmen—Snow Field, Daping—Jiutian Waterfall, these two routes are suitable for middle-aged and elderly people s mountaineering fitness; Bishan Lake—connected to Shengtai, Yuxiangou—Ganji Pond, Daping Depot—Qinling—Ganji Pond, these three lines are suitable for young people to climb Adventure.

The magical love story of the girl Cui Cuihua attracted thousands of good men and women, Ping Xing and Dai Xing, to rush to the mountain, burn incense, pray, and pursue the loyalty of love.

Huangpu Military Academy No. 7 Campus had a school motto here in the 29th year of the Republic of China. The handwriting reads: Born from consciousness, dare to fight, be honest, and loyal to morality.

Cliff Cliff Carving Forest: There are poets and modern calligraphy and painters of the past, including Wang Wei, Zu Yong, Sima Guang, Yu Youren, etc.; Modern calligraphy and painters include Zhao Maochu, Liu Zikui, Chen Shaomo, Ru Gui, Zhao Butang, Wu Sanda, Xiao Yunru Wait for 100 celebrities and leave more than 100 ink treasures for Mount Cuihua and the landslide wonders, which can be a feast for your eyes.

Wu Zhongnanshan Art Creation Base provides you with a platform for art work display, art creation exchange, art research and teaching, and creates a natural and beautiful place for tourists to appreciate culture and art, cultivate sentiment, advocate elegance, and advocate civilization.

Qicuihuashan Ski Resort is the only natural ski resort in Xi an, China. It is located in the scenic AAAA national tourist area on the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains and in the Cuihuashan National Geological Park.

Qi Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort is 1200 meters above sea level, with low winter temperatures, good snow quality, long snow trails, wide widths, and slopes that are very suitable for ski lovers. It is known as the Qinling First Snow Resort.

The ski field is well-equipped. There are 1,130 pairs of skis and poles imported from Austria, 100 ski circles, 20 sled cars, 2 snow machines, 2 large and small trailers, and 1 snow press to solve the snow. Potholes and skating make the snow fluffy, smooth and slippery.

The snow field is 700 meters long, 50 meters wide, and about 600 acres. It is divided into two parts: early snow area and ski area. At the same time can accommodate 1,000 people skiing. Skiing Cuihua Mountain, challenging yourself, letting go of passion, rejuvenating youth, stimulating and thrilling, the fun is endless!

At the same time, more than 30 senior ski instructors came to the scene. Under their guidance, your skiing skills will quickly improve, allowing you to ride freely on the wide snow.

Self-driving tour walking route: From Xi an City Expressway Qujiangkou to Baomao Expressway (Xi an Section) under Taiyigongkou; or from Ziwu Avenue via Qinling Huanshan Tourist Road to the east for half an hour.

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