Crayon Shin-chan’s family visits China after seeing pandas in Chengdu

Little friends know, in fact Crayon Shinchan s family has come to China, and Crayon Shinxin s family came to China for tourism. China s tourism culture is rich in resources, and it is understandable that it is so attractive. Crayon Shin -chan s family obtained a passport and decided to travel to this beautiful and magical place in China.

Crayon Shin-chan is holding his passport. It seems imperative. But no matter where you go, you need to get a passport first. Some countries still need a visa!

Crayon Xiaoxin s family arrived in China, got off the subway here, and discussed together to go to the zoo to see the giant panda. It s true that Crayon Shin-Chan s dress is really Chinese! It s so cute .

Crayon Shin-chan is happy like a child after seeing the panda. Oh, he was a child! The pandas in the animation are really cute.

The giant panda will also say hello to others, I am sorry to see Crayon Shinchan. The billowing panda is so cute.

Crayon Xiaoxin s family is also intoxicated, Chinese pandas have a unique charm. No wonder the people of the world are so obsessed.

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