Coupling relationship between tourism industry and ecological civilization city and coordinated development

Ecological civilization city is a new concept leading urban development. Tourism is a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry, which has important practical significance for the study of the coupling relationship and coordinated development between tourism industry and ecological civilization city. This paper analyzes the mechanism of the coupling and coordination between the tourism industry system and the ecological civilization city system from the four aspects of economy, culture, society and ecology, constructs the index system of the two systems, and uses the coupling and coordination model and the data from 2006 to 2011 to make an empirical analysis of Guiyang city. The results show that the comprehensive development index of tourism industry (except 2010) and ecological civilization city in Guiyang city has been steadily improved from 2006 to 2011, and the coupling coordination degree has gradually developed from the moderate imbalance in 2006 to the optimization trend of slight imbalance, near imbalance, barely coordination and primary coordination. The coupling coordination degree of tourism industry and ecological civilization city system in Guiyang city shows ecological civilization The lag type of urban development and the lag type of tourism industry appear alternately. The leading role of tourism industry development in the construction of ecological civilization city has great fluctuations, and there are some problems such as the role is not significant enough. According to the research results, the paper puts forward corresponding policy recommendations:

(1) coordinate the relationship among urban planning, tourism planning, land use planning and cultural heritage protection planning, comprehensively improve the management level of ecological civilized cities, and build “livable, suitable for business and suitable for tourism” ecological civilized cities.

(2) strengthen the research and monitoring of the coordinated development of tourism industry and ecological civilization city construction, and use planning, economy, administration, technology and other means to promote their development towards the optimal coordinated state.

(3) strengthen the integration of tourism industry and leapfrog industries such as big data, culture, science and technology, and ecological service industry, solve the problem of large fluctuations in the development of tourism industry, and consolidate the economic foundation of ecological civilization city. For example, in terms of integration with the cultural industry, we can launch the folk products of “refreshing Guiyang – experiencing joy” in winter corresponding to “refreshing Guiyang – summer resort” in summer. From the winter solstice to the Lantern Festival, there are many festivals, such as the winter solstice, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, etc., which can carry out folk experience, festival festivals, hot springs, diet (hot pot), tasting (evaluation) wine (gradually from the evaluation of the top ten famous wines in Guizhou to the evaluation of the top ten famous wines in China), tasting (evaluation) tea (gradually from the evaluation of the top ten famous teas in Guizhou to the evaluation of the top ten famous teas in China), etc Winter activities (it can be considered to adjust the wine expo and Agricultural Expo to this period), create cultural theme products such as folk culture, festival and festival experience, hot spring vacation, characteristic catering, wine (tea) tasting and fitness, and make up for the big problem of tourism volatility in Guiyang.

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