congratulate! Qionghai Nanqiang Village was praised by China Tourism News!

Go to the sea of ​​flowers and smell the flowers, and walk back to the inn to rest. If you are tired, take a rest in the shared bookstore in the evening, or splash in the ink at the art salon. Nanqiang Village is a lively scene and welcomes a large number of tourists every day.

The growth of Tao Nanqiang Village can be said to be a microcosm of the revitalization of Hainan s countryside. After a simple dressing up of this nangqiang girl , not only did she not lose her simple pastoral style , but she added a lot of international style and became a pearl in the diplomatic town of Boao.

落 Asia Forum settled in Boao, bringing historic development opportunities to this small town. The rise of the rural village of Boao has driven the development of the surrounding countryside. These small villages that still maintain a simple and idyllic style have become a window for Chinese and foreign guests and tourists to understand local folk customs and culture. The village of Nanqiang, which is close to the forum, has also begun to change from a small fishing village that draws on water to a tourist village.

In 2002, as one of the enthusiasm for the establishment of a civilized ecological village in Qionghai City, Nanqiang Village became a well-known advanced village. In 2005, 38 villagers in Nanqiang Village raised 3.5 million funds with the encouragement and leadership of several party members. Yuan, Nanqiang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established. Based on the villager s investment, collective land and joint operation as the business model, the company opened the Wanquan River bamboo row rafting project, and opened stalls such as tourist souvenirs and fruits at the dock. Tourists around.

In the second half of 2012, based on the principle of no tree felling, no land occupation, no house demolition, and local urbanization, Qionghai rationalized resource allocation and overall planning based on the concept and standard of building a global 5A-level scenic spot. A unique urbanization drive a new way of tourism in the whole region, Nanqiang Village, which is at the bottleneck period of the development of primary rural tourism, once again ushered in a good time.

In 2013, Nanqiang Village was included in the construction of Boao Rural Park. The Boao Town Government carried out protective transformation of the village, updated the sewage treatment system, roads and other infrastructure, encouraged villagers to build farmhouses and guesthouses, and gave certain subsidies . Nanqiang Village once again A new upgrade point was found. With this opportunity, the homestay became a golden business card, and Nanqiang Village s road to developing rural tourism has also become wider and wider.

Twenty-four years later, Nanqiang Village once again stood at the tide of transformation and upgrading. In 2017, under the guidance of Qionghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Country Garden Hainan District and Hainan Baolian City (Boao) Industrial Co., Ltd . jointly donated more than 25 million yuan to Hainan Provincial Charity Federation and Guangdong Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation. For the construction of Nanqiang beautiful rural projects.

The key to revitalizing the countryside lies in the people. Shi Qingjie, director of beautiful rural operations at Nanqiang Village, introduced that Country Garden Group insists on registering and setting up professional farmer cooperatives with villagers as representatives. The cooperatives manage and manage the collective collective industry of the village.; Encourage villagers to invest in cooperatives with funds to achieve the goal of an average shareholder and an owner for everyone. At the same time, according to the needs of the tourism market, improve the layout of the village format, create differentiated tourism services and products, attract tourists to stop, and effectively solve the problem of village development.

In the process of construction, combining the actual situation of the village, Country Garden Group has positioned Nanqiang Village as an “Art +” village, and strives to create a beautiful village with industrial support, distinctive features, connotation and taste; using the design concept of “no trace” Keep the classics as much as possible during the renovation, renovate the damaged buildings, and do your best to protect the original appearance of the village.

Nowadays, an ordinary tile house has been transformed into a modern book. The dilapidated cowshed has become a phoenix commune full of literary and artistic style, and the grandma s pigpen has become an Internet red spot on the vibrato. In the hearts of the villagers, the Phoenix Inn It is the most wonderful building and the new house that grows from the old house. We have retained the old wall of the front yard and heightened it with transparent glass, giving it an exquisite and distinctive modern style, while the back yard completely retains the original style, the ancient wall with moss mottled, the old windows of the South-style glazed, wooden doors, shrines, Carved beds and dressing tables create a sense of time and space shuttle. Designer Lu Lan said.

On March 5, 2018, only one month of trial operation, the number of visitors to the beautiful countryside of Nanqiang Village exceeded 10,000. That year, Phoenix Inn was selected as the Top Ten Homestays in Hainan in 2018, and Nanqiang Village was also rated as a five-star beautiful rural demonstration village.

Data show that as of the end of February 2019, Nanqiang Village received a total of 220,000 tourists. The owner of the Pear Tree Family in Nanqiang Village Farmhouse is 69-year-old Mo Zehai, the former party branch secretary of Nanqiang Village . He said that there are dividends every year. When the situation is good, the daily turnover can reach tens of thousands of yuan, and the annual dividend per share is more than 5,000 yuan. More than 10 people are employed, except the chefs.

Even if you open the door to work, you close the door to get off work. You can go wherever you want to play. This working lifestyle is really comfortable. Li Man, the owner of the brothers firm opposite Hua Li Ren said happily.

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