Classified introduction to China’s famous attractions and specific locations

First, the five most beautiful lakes in China

1, Qinghai Lake: The Sea of ​​Lu Xin (Qinghai) (Best Season: Any Season)

2, Kanas Lake: God s Palette (Xinjiang) (Best Season: Mid-July to September)

3. Namco Lake: A Place Whispering with God (Tibet) (Best Season: July-September)

4. Tianchi: Calmness after anger (Jilin) ​​(Best season: July-September, other seasons are likely to be in the vast white snow)

5. West Lake (Hangzhou) (Best Season: West Lake has different scenery and charm all year round)

Twenty-two most beautiful grasslands in China

1. Eastern Hulunbuir Grassland (Inner Mongolia) (Best season: May to mid-September, snow and ice from November to mid-February each year)

2, Yili Grassland (Xinjiang) (Best season: July, August, and September each year)

3. Xilinguole Grassland (Inner Mongolia) (Best season: July and August each year)

4. West Sichuan Alpine Grassland (Sichuan) (Best Season: Summer)

5. Naqu Alpine Grassland (Tibet) (Best season: May-September each year)

6. Qilian Mountain Grassland (Qinghai, Gansu) (Best season: June, July)

Twenty-three most famous mountains in China

1. Nanga Bawa: Heaven in the Clouds (Tibet) (from February to April and October to November, the best time to choose mountain climbing

2, Gongga: The wind has stopped (Sichuan) (It snows after late October, you can watch the snow scene and unfreeze in March)

3. Everest: Watching the Heart (Tibet) (climbing season from late April to early June, mid September to early September)-

4. Meri: The guard of honor of the Snow God (Yunnan) (viewing the snow mountain season from January to May)

6. Daocheng Sanshen Mountain: Landmark of Shangri-La (Sichuan) (Best season: April-June, September-November, July-August is rainy season)

7. Qiao Gori: A Distant Secret Realm (Xinjiang) (Climbing Season: July-September)

8. Gang Rinpoche: the residence of the gods (Tibet) (the best season is May-early July, mid-August to October)

9. Taishan: Huaxia Totem (Shandong) (Best Season: Any Season)

10. Mount Emei: rising from the basin to heaven (Sichuan) (Spring and autumn are the best tourist season for Mount Emei)

24. The Seven Most Beautiful Danxia in China

1, Danxia Mountain: Redstone Park in China (Guangdong) (Best Season: Any Season)

2, Wuyi Mountain: Danshui Mountain in the southeast of Fujian (Fujian) (Best Season: Although the temperature is high in summer, it is the most lush growth of all things)

3. Golden Lake: Danxia wonders on the water (Fujian) (best season: moderate temperature, all seasons can travel)

4, Longtan Mountain, Yingtan: Red Cliff at the Alchemy Place (Jiangxi) (Best Season: All seasons are suitable for tourism. You can participate in Taoist culture in October)

5. Zijiang-Bajiaozhai-Liangshan Danxia Landform: Qingfeng Chibi Danxia Soul (Guangxi, Hunan)

6. Zhangye Danxia Landform: Palace-style Danxia Heavenly Land (Gansu) (Best Season: June-September each year, it is the best tourist season of the year)

7. Chishui Danxia Landform: Silver Waterfall Flying and Falling Yingdan Cliff (Guizhou) (Best Season: Any Season)

25. The five most beautiful forests in China

1, Yangshuo, Guilin: Mountains and Rivers Gallery (Guangxi) (Best Season: Before and after Osmanthus in August and October)

2, Wulingyuan: Danqing (Hunan) in the Lost Deep Mountain (Best Season: Spring and Autumn, this is cool weather and very suitable for tourism)

3. Wanfeng Forest: Heartbeat on the plateau (Guizhou) (Best season: July and August to visit Xingyi, large and small waterfalls appear to have momentum because of water, and summer drifting is also more comfortable)

4. Sanqing Mountain: the most beautiful granite on the edge of the western Pacific Ocean (Jiangxi) (best season: autumn, when the weather is dry)

5. Luoping Peak Forest: Golden Garden (Yunnan) (Best Season: Late February to early March each year, rape blossoms are in high season)

Twenty-Five Most Beautiful Canyons in China

1, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Tibet) (Best season: August to October is the golden season for entering the mountain)

2, Jinsha River Tiger Leaping Gorge (Yunnan) (best season: spring and summer)

3. The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River (Chongqing and Hubei) (best season: the scenery of the Three Gorges perennial varies with four seasons. All seasons can be visited)

4. Nu River Grand Canyon (Tibet) (Yunnan) (Best season: October to April the next year is the best season for tourism)

5. The Meili Grand Canyon of Lancang River (Yunnan) (Best Season: January-May)

6. Taroko Grand Canyon (Taiwan) (Best Season: Any Season)

7. Jinshan Grand Canyon of the Yellow River (Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi) (Best season: January-April, Autumn September-November)

8. Dadu River Jinkou Grand Canyon (Sichuan) (Best Season: Visit the Jinkou Grand Canyon in autumn with high autumn)

9. Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon (Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, and Shanxi) (Best Season: Spring and Autumn Seasons are full of air, with flowers blooming, which is the best season for tourism)

10. Tianshan Kuche Grand Canyon (Xinjiang) (Best season: all seasons)

27. The Three Most Beautiful Yadans in China

1, Wuerhe: Love is bumpy but not happy (Xinjiang) (Best season: April to August each year)

2, Bailongdui: The Dragons Meet at the End of the World (Xinjiang) (Best Season: Autumn)

3. Mikasa Sand: Fleet into Gobi (Xinjiang) (Best Season: Spring and Autumn)

Eight China s five most beautiful deserts

1. The hinterland of the Bataan Jilin Desert: the curve drawn by God (Inner Mongolia) (best season: late September to late October each year)

2. The hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert: the celestial body camp (Xinjiang) (best season: late October to mid-November each month)

3. The hinterland of the Gurban Tungut Desert: the blood of the desert (Xinjiang) (best season: September-December each year)

4. Mingsha Mountain. Crescent Lake: Watch for the Millennium (Gansu) (Best Season: May-September each year)

5. Shapotou: Traction of quicksand (Ningxia) (Best season: spring and autumn)

9 The eight most beautiful coasts in China

1, Yalong Bay: The sky falling on the ground (Sanya, Hainan) (Best season: Four seasons suitable for tourism)

2, Yeliu: works left by the waves on the ground (Keelung, Taiwan) (best season: October, November)

3. Chengshantou: the desire of the hinterland for the sea (Shandong Rongcheng) (best season: April to October each year)

4. Mangroves in Dongzhai Port: Blue waves left on land (Qiongshan, Hainan) (Best season: November to April each year)

5. Changli Gold Coast: kiss marks of the desert and the sea (Hebei) (best season: spring and autumn)

6. Victoria Coast: Magnificent Red Dust Reflects the Blue Sea (Hong Kong) (Best Season: November and December of each year)

7. Chongwu Coast: A place where Hui an girls look at the sea (Hui an, Fujian) (Best season: Any season)

8. Dapeng Peninsula: A wilderness near downtown (Shenzhen, Guangdong) (Best season: all seasons)

10. Six most beautiful waterfalls in China

1, Zangbu Padang Waterfalls: Hermit in the Grand Canyon (Tibet) (Best Season: Best Season Autumn)

2, Detian Waterfall: Transnational Style (Guangxi) (Best Season: June and July each year)

3. Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River: a thousand pots of weather (Jin-Shan junction) (best season: May and September each year)

4. Luoping Jiulong Waterfall: streamers on red soil (Yunnan) (best season: early February to early March each year)

5. Nuorilang Waterfall: Brocade in the bush (Sichuan) (Best season: July and August each year)

6. Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou: The magnificence that cannot be copied (Guizhou) (Best season: July and August each year)

11, the six most beautiful glaciers in China

1, Rongbu Glacier: Farewell to the first peak (Tibet) (Best season: late April-early June, mid September-early October)

2, Tomur Glacier: Snow peak dedicated to the attentiveness of the dry sea (Xinjiang) (best season: Only July-August, the temperature is high, and the temperature is below 18 degrees)

3. Hailuogou Glacier: Refusing to melt (Sichuan) (Best time to travel: Low temperature before April. It snows after late October. I watch snow)

4. Midui Glacier: Snow and ice in Taohuayuan (Tibet) (Best season: Four seasons are a good time for tourism)

5. Tramukanli Glacier: Ice Sculpture Carnival (Xinjiang) (Best Season: Any Season)

6. Transparent Mengke Glacier: Ganquan (Gansu) in the desert (Best season: At an altitude of 4,000 meters, the average temperature in January is -22. 9 degrees. July and August are glacial melting periods. The torrents roared down and were very dangerous to enter the mountains)

12. Ten Most Beautiful Forests in China

1, Tianshan Snow Ridge Spruce Forest (Xinjiang) (best season: spring and autumn)

2, Changbai Mountain Korean Pine and Broadleaf Mixed Forest (Jilin) ​​(Best season: green in spring, scenic in summer, beautiful foliage in autumn, snow in winter, you can choose according to your own preferences)

3. Jianfengling Tropical Rain Forest (Hainan) (Best season: November to April each year)

4. Alpine Rhododendron Forest in Baima Snow Mountain (Yunnan) (Best Season: May-June each year)

5. Ganoderma spruce forest in Bomigang Township (Tibet) (best season: March and April each year are peach blossom season)

6. Xishuangbanna Tropical Rain Forest (Yunnan) (Best season: November to April each year, there is more rain in other seasons)

7. Populus euphratica forest (Xinjiang) (best season: mid-October each year)

8. Libo Keest Forest (Guizhou) (Best season: all seasons)

9. Xing an larch forest in the northern part of the Greater Xing an Mountains (Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia)

10.Zhunan Bamboo Sea (Sichuan)

Thirteen, the ten most beautiful islands in China

1, Xisha Islands: corals add color to the land (Hainan) (best season: November each year to the end of April of the next year)

2, Weizhou Island: Water and Fire Carved Works (Northwest Guangxi) (Best Season: Any Season)

3. Nansha Islands: Coral is a boundary stone built by China (Hainan) (best season: all seasons)

4. Penghu Islands: Humanities and Nature Intersect (Taiwan) (Best Season: October-November each year)

5. Nanlu Island: Amazing Sea Life Park (Wenzhou, Zhejiang) (Best Season: Any Season)

6. Miaodao Islands: Fairy Mountain on the Sea (Long Island, Shandong) (Best Season: Any Season)

7. Putuoshan Island: Haitian emerges from Buddhism (Zhoushan, Zhejiang) (Best season: Any season)

8. Dalai Mountain Island: Mountains, lakes, grasses, and seas are concentrated here (Fuding, Fujian) (best season: all seasons)

9. Lin Jinyu. Nanxun Island. Relics of Ancient Volcanic Landforms (Zhangzhou, Fujian) (Best Season: Any Season)

10. Hailing Island: Silver Beach in the South China Sea (Yangjiang, Guangdong) (Best Season: Any Season)

14. Six most beautiful swamp wetlands in China

1, Zoige: Plateau Bibao (Gannan, North Sichuan) (Best season: April and May each year)

2, Bayanbuluk: Miracle created by snow and water in Tianshan Mountains (Xinjiang) (Best season: September each year)

3. Sanjiang Plain Wetland: Remaining Magnificence (Heilongjiang) (Best Season: Spring and Summer Season of Each Year)

4. Yellow River Delta Wetland: When the mulberry fields in the sea (Shandong) (Best season: April-November each year)

5. Zhalong Wetland (Heilongjiang) (Best season: all seasons, April and May are red-crowned crane spawning season, you can see the crane nest; July-August is the golden season for crane viewing)

6. {Red Carpet Liaohe Delta Wetland} (Liaoning) (Best season: March-April and October-November each year)

15. Six most beautiful tourist caves in China

1, Dream Weaving Golden Cave (Guizhou) (Best Season: Suitable for travel all year round)

2, Colorful Furong Cave (Chongqing) (Best Season: Suitable for all seasons)

3. Almighty Huanglong Cave (Hunan) (Best Season: March each year)

4. Shocking Tenglong Cave (Hubei) (Best season: April-October each year, it is the best time for filmmakers to take pictures)

5. Xueyu Cave (Chongqing) (Best Season: Winter, reflecting the peculiar medical value of the cave)

6. Jiuqu Benxi Water Cave (Liaoning) (Best season: Suitable for all seasons, the temperature of the four seasons in the cave is maintained at 10 degrees)

16. The five most beautiful cities in China

1, Gulangyu Island, Xiamen: Listen to the sound of the piano and the sound of the waves (Best season: Any season)

2, Suzhou s Old Town: the old one surrounded by modernity (best season: all seasons)

3. Macau s Historic District: Western Culture Lands Here (Best Season: Any Season)

4. Qingdao Badaguan: the style left by the colonists (best season: all seasons)

5. Beijing Shichahai area: fashion close to Zhongnanhai (best season: all seasons)

17. Six most beautiful rural towns in China

1, Zangzhai Village in Danba: There are beautiful women in Konggu (Sichuan) (Best season: May-November each year)

2, Hani Village: Wanqianming Mirror Cooking Smoke (Yunnan) (Best Season: Autumn, storage of water from terraces between November and April, better shooting effect)

3. Tuwa Village: The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side (Xinjiang) (Best season: Any season)

4, Liping Zhaoxing Village: Someone in the depths of Baiyun (Guizhou) (Best season: Any season)

5, Wuyuan: Favorite village head rapeseed (Jiangxi) (best season: March and April each year, because the rapeseed was everywhere in the mountains)

6. Liyan Dayan Town: Acacia on the Pipa String (Yunnan) (Best Season: Any Season)

To do automotive education, we want to know the line Chengdu Wantong Technical School to ask TA questions to start all. 1. Beijing-a glorious journey. 2. Chengde Mountain Resort-a tour of avoiding the administration. 3. Beidaihe-a healing journey.

24. Yungang Grottoes-Stone Carving Tour

25. The Qiao Family Courtyard-Private House Tour

26. Pingyao-Ancient City Tour

VII. Inner Mongolia——Grassland Tour

28. Dalian-Waterfront Tour

9. Changbai Mountain——Snow Mountain Tour

Twenty, Harbin-snow and ice journey

11, Shanghai——Fashion Journey

12. Suzhou-Garden Tour

Thirteenth, Zhouzhuang-garden tour

14. West Lake-Journey to Heaven

Twenty-fifth, Mount Tai-a towering journey

16. Qingdao——Wonderland Tour

There are countless famous tourist attractions in China. It is recommended to refer to the latest list of 2019. China s 55 world heritage sites are not listed here. To give you a suggestion, choose tourist destinations with different terrain and landforms according to your hobbies, personality, and mood. For example, if you like the Gobi Desert and experience the sad and desolate northwest scenery, you can choose Xinjiang, Gansu, and Qinghai.

If you want to experience the endless grassland, the wind blows grass and cattle and sheep, and choose Inner Mongolia and North Sichuan.

I like mountains, rivers and beautiful rivers, Jiuzhaigou, Hugu Lake, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Lijiang in Yunnan, Lijiang in Guilin and so on.

I have a special liking for the ancient town and the small bridge and flowing water. It is recommended that Jiangnan, Yunnan …

There are also some historical sites, gardens, so no examples.

If you are a couple, definitely go to the beach.

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