City Paradise Tour

Sanya City Paradise is located in the center of Sanya. It is the only public welfare city park in Sanya that integrates tourism, leisure, entertainment and catering.

Since the investment in new construction in April 1999, the park has been completed with an area of ​​about 70 acres (planned area is 200 acres). City Paradise was built on the beautiful Sanya River. With its unique garden landscape, novel architectural style, colorful tropical rain forest plants and fascinating entertainment projects, it has attracted many residents of Sanya and Chinese and foreign tourists. Here is Sanya s largest large-scale dining system that can accommodate nearly 1,000 people to dine at the same time. After visiting the park, you can enjoy various styles of delicious food while admiring the unique landscapes and charming scenery such as rockery and sailing buildings; The only karting and off-road vehicle field in Hainan Province with an area of ​​more more than ten acres has been completed and opened during the Spring Festival this year. In addition, large roller skate playgrounds and electronic entertainment cities, a colorful water world and interesti ng bumper cars and battery cars, Will let you linger and return; sunset Xishan, the sunset is red, when you cruise on the beautiful Sanya River freely, enjoy the fresh air and blue sky, please do not forget to shore.

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