Chongming Scenic Area Tourism [Shanghai Chongming]

  Chongming Island is clean and clear, and there are natural scenery everywhere without artificial axe. As early as the Ming and Qing dynasties, there were eight scenic sceneries of Weizhou on the island, such as Jin ao Mirror Shadow , Jibelianyun , and Yuyu Machine Sound . Now. The scenery of Chongming Island is even more gloomy. The tree-lined dyke of more than 200 kilometers around the island looks like a green dragon, hovering on the Yangtze River estuary. In the early morning, ascend the east end of the embankment to enjoy the sunrise in the East China Sea without losing the wonders of Taichung; in the evening, stand on the west side of the embankment, enjoy the sunset over the long river, and listen to the evening sing of the boat, which is very refreshing. The island has numerous historical sites and cultural attractions. There are Weizhou Park facing the vast river waters; Chengqiao Town Gion Garden in various forms; Jinao Mountain, Shou an Temple, Confucian Temple , Ta ng Yicen s Tomb, Mingtan, and Zheng Chenggong s ancient battlefields such as Qing soldiers; there are more than 5,400 mu of land Dongping Forest Farm, the largest man-made forest in East China. In recent years, due to the strengthening of the construction of various tourist attractions, domestic appearance of tourists has continued, with nearly one million tourists visiting before 1997. Recently, the Chongming County Government has further developed the tourism resources on the island and proposed a master plan for the development of tourism in the next five years. It includes accelerating and improving the Dongping National Forest Park Resort in the central part; the cultural and tourist area in the central and southern part; the green and water amusement resort area in the west; the Weihai Grand Paradise in the East China Sea; and gradually building it into a distinctive leisure tourist resort in Greater Shanghai. It has built a handful of national-level tourist resorts in China and even in Southeast Asia. Chongming Island is the region with the largest development space and development potential and the lowest investment cost in Shanghai. As the third step of the three steps of Shanghai s economic development strategy, Chongming in the 21st century will open a curtain of great development and opening. It is planned that by 2020, Chongming will build a green food development park, a national tourist resort and an international financial and trade zone with the highest openness in the country. In time, Chongming Island will become the most prosperous island in the Far East.

There are two types of accommodation in Chongming Island: economical, you can go to Qianwei Village to live in a farmhouse, 70 yuan a standard room, with TV, sanitation, air conditioning, clean and tidy, and you can also partner; for elegant environment, you can Choose to stay at the resort. There are two resorts opposite the Forest Park: Treasure Island Resort and Forest Resort.

Gourd, also known as golden gourd, has been cultivated in Chongming for more than 100 years and is a traditional specialty of Chongming. Gourd is fresh and delicate, crisp and refreshing. It is an excellent dish with excellent color and fragrance in homes, restaurants , and hotels, and enjoys the reputation of Plant and Sea Philosophy. Gourd is not only delicious and delicious, but also rich in nutrition. In addition to the multivitamins that the human body needs, it also contains a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus, iron, and calcium that are easily absorbed by the human body. The effect of insects also has good effects on hypertension, coronary heart disease and obesity in the elderly.

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