Chongming Qianwei Village [Shanghai Chongming]

The former health state village is located in the north-central part of Chongming Island, on the north side of Dongping National Forest Park. It has 3,671 acres of land, 284 resident households, and a population of 753 people. It has been listed in One of the 500 Best Eco-Villages in the World and has been listed as a national agricultural tourism demonstration site by the National Tourism Administration. In recent years, experts from home and abroad have come to visit the village and praised the ecological engineering here. At the end of the 20th century, with the approval of the tourism departments of cities and counties, the former Sanitary State Village grandly launched the farmhouse leisure leisure and vacation project to the society, and was favored by urban tourists with eat farmhouse meals, live in farmhouses, do farmwork, and enjoy farmhouse fun . In the past two years, it has received hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. It currently has a capa city ​​of more than 500 people. The villagers of Qianwei Village are straightforward, the neighborhood is harmonious, the hospitality is warm and thoughtful, and the farm dishes are delicious.

Yesterday I went to Chongming Qianwei Village to experience a farmhouse. There is a ticket for entering Qianwei Village. It costs 35 yuan per person, but the reception staff at the door will be off after 17:00 every day. (No one will check the ticket when it comes out), there will be some villagers at the village entrance. They all go to the door to stay overnight. Almost every family in the village has farmhouse fun, so you can go around and choose which one to live in . House prices generally range from 80 to 100, and you can also counter-offer after viewing. The local rooms are still clean. The only disadvantage is that there is no separate toilet in the room, which is usually a bathroom on the ground floor .

After arriving at Qianwei Village, you should try the local farm dishes, local chicken, tofu skin buns, yam, gourd, hairy crabs, lamb … Of course, there is old liquor, more than 200 yuan can eat a rich table of farm banquet. The taste is relatively authentic.

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