Chongming Forest Park Tourism

Chongming Dongping National Forest Park is located in the north central part of Chongming Island, 12 kilometers away from Nanmen Port (county seat), with a total area of ​​3.55 square kilometers. It is the largest plain artificial forest in East China and the largest forest park in Shanghai. She integrates forest sightseeing, conference tourism, rehabilitation, recreation, participatory entertainment and other functions into one. It is an excellent place for you to return to nature. Dongping National Forest Park, formerly known as Dongping Forest Farm, was built in 1959. After more than 30 years of forest park construction, the park has lush forests, clear lakes, rich wildness, and beautiful surroundings. It is characterized by tranquility, tranquility, beauty and wildness. Calling people s yearning for nature, being in it makes people linger.

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