China’s Nine Natural Hot Spring Townships A Good Place For National Winter Tourism

The winter is full of cold everywhere. If there are any warmer items in winter, it must be a hot spring. Soaking in hot springs, of course, you will go to natural hot springs. Many hotels, hot springs and resorts are developed through business, and there is less natural fun in the countryside. Xiaobian recommends to the authoritative nine natural hot spring villages in China, which are all good for winter travel in China. These hot springs are located in various parts of the motherland, and one of them may be near you.

De The Dezhong Hot Spring at 4,500 meters above sea level is really cute and almost open-air: the hot spring pool is all made of stone barriers, the half-height wall, and some have simple roofs. Tens of thousands of prayer flags are involved between the valleys. From this mountain to that mountain, and then into the distance, the distance is the top of the snow-capped mountains that are immutable all year round.

Because it was opened by Master Liansheng, Dezhong Hot Spring is also one of the four sacred springs in Tibet. The spring water was crystal clear, and you could even see which bubble came from which spring eye.

There are actually two fountainheads in Wuquan Hot Spring. One is called Xiaqu Ze, which means Luquan in Chinese. The water temperature here is about 48 ° C, and it is said that the fracture can be cured. Occasionally, some people go to the spring and only pour water on their bodies. The other is about 4 meters beside Xiaqu Ze, which is called Kagui Qu Ze, which means Eagle Spring in Chinese. The water temperature is kept around 40 ° C all year round.

Hot spring This hot spring is divided into upper and lower halves, the male spring is on the top and the female spring is on the bottom. A small peach tree grew in the middle of the stone wall of Nuquan, crooked her neck, like a girl shouting. The spring is not deep, only at the waist. There are leaks on the surrounding wooden boards, and people in hot springs don t care much about walking away. However, soak in the water and go ashore to rest at regular intervals , otherwise the heart will not stand.

The steamy Dezhong Hot Spring has a wild beauty. Soak in the water, watch the water mist and clouds entangled, and colorful chariots chasing clouds in the wind day by day, don t have any fun.

Here, it is very easy to distinguish between Tibetans and Hans-Tibetans are all naked, shy foreign tourists will shyly wear bathing suits into the pool, and some enthusiastic grannies will tell you: soaking will not work.

Address: Mozhu Gongka County, Lhasa, Tibet

There is a crescent moon in the sky. Crescent Spring fell into the desert, and fell into the sea into the Moon Island.

The Moon Island is rated as one of the eight most beautiful islands in China. Looking down from the air, it looks like a crescent moon. Because it is far from the shore, the island is overgrown with bushes and wild flowers, and the ecological landscape has retained its original state. It is also unique in that it has China s only natural marine hot spring.

The moon is very wide, and there are tall lights on the beach with wind and solar power, decorated with cute little planes. The sand around the island beach is clean. The key is the shallow sea and small waves. It is suitable for playing at the beach and more suitable for taking the elderly and children on vacation.

There are 45 large and small hot springs on the Luan coast for people to soak. The hot spring pools are built on giant white conch, which are irregularly distributed and overlap. The hot spring pool at the highest point even clearly sees the sea view a few kilometers away, and the semi-open hot spring pool at the lowest level can be in close contact with the sea.

The sea-style chalets on the island of Yueyuepi are unique to the country and have a Dutch style. The cabin is built on the water and connected to the shore by a trestle. The hot spring water leads directly to each visitor s room, which is very convenient. However, when you check in, you must clearly see the route map and number of the room, and shuttle between the staggered planks, and often visitors go to the wrong room.

When the weather is good, the stars are shining above the head, reflecting in the water, as if enjoying the wonderful hot spring with you. When the weather is bad, Rumo s night sky is hugged by the heat from the hot spring pool, which is also gentle.

Address: Southwest Bohai Bay, Leting County, Tangshan, Hebei

Located in the open-air wooden house at the foot of the mountain, while enjoying the comfortable spring water, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds and the towering mountains, this is the most attractive place of the plateau hot spring.

The rubchaka hot spring, whose name means the fountain of friends in Khampa culture. At the foot of Gongba Mountain, there are two streams in the bathing village, one is the hot spring water flowing from the extinct volcano on the west, and the other is the stream flowing from the foothills on the east. In winter, a hot vapor is transpired and an ice layer is covered, which is a spectacle.

The family hot springs created by the Tibetans in the village are separate, private and compact. There are two pipelines inside the house, a hot spring and a stream of water, which are led directly from the source pool, completely unprocessed. A small square pool was built with tiles on the ground, which could accommodate two people sitting side by side on the steps. The spring water didn t even reach the neck.

You don t need to wear a bathing suit to bathe in the hot spring here, because closing the door is a separate space.

Bubble The bath here is no better than a luxury hot spring resort, nor is it like the open-air style of Japan. Although it is simple, it is an original sulfur-free hot spring. As soon as you look up, you can see the blue sky and white clouds and the mighty snow-capped mountains. Free and close to nature, without any restrictions.

For tourists who come to the plateau for the first time, try not to take too long to bathe in Daocheng Rubuchaka Hot Spring. Plateau hot springs have a relatively low oxygen content, and if they do not adapt to the local climate, long-term soaking in hot springs is prone to adverse reactions. When bathing, be sure to have several people together. Remember not to bathe alone.

After soaking in the hot spring, you can sunbathe leisurely, or climb Haizi Mountain. This mountain, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, is famous for its Daocheng Ancient Ice Cap. You can see many novel animals and plants. The natural stone carvings in the mountains and the mountains and lakes are full of mysterious beauty. Standing on Haizi Mountain and looking far into the sky, the scene is very shocking.

Address: Xiutang Village, North Foot of Gongba Mountain, Daocheng County, Sichuan Province

The best way to travel to Anji s Jiangnan Tianchi is by car. Bring a swimsuit, ski suit (Anji has a huge ski area) and a map, fill up the fuel tank, and drive from Hangzhou along the highway for about four hours to reach Zhejiang Anji.

After arriving at Anji, your journey has begun. The driver cannot be distracted along the circling road, but the co-pilot and the rear seat can enjoy the scenery all the way. Slowly, you can experience a kind of near, more Near mood.

Located at the northern foot of Tianmu Mountain in Zhejiang Province, the Nanjiang Lake of the Minjiang River is located in Tianhuangping, an altitude of one thousand meters, with the largest Tianhuangping pumped-storage power station in Asia and the green bamboo in the bamboo village of China in the background. After arriving, get out of the car and walk along the wooden paved path to the outdoor in the deep forest. The dense bamboo forest and smooth stone road are all imbued with xianqi, and the hot air rises in the open-air bamboo forest hot spring in Tianchi, Jiangnan.

Most of these hot spring pools are small and exquisite, hidden in the valley of bamboo forests. Among them, there are many special baths: purple violet hot spring pool, emerald green honeysuckle hot spring pool, soak in it, and the aroma will diffuse . If you are lucky, you will catch the falling snow when you go. The moment you enter the pool, the coldness will dissipate. Looking at the white snow in the mountains, the bamboo will be covered with white clothes.

The indoor hot spring of Minjiang Nanchi Lake has various added soup ponds and a private bamboo box box hot spring, which is also a good choice for private gatherings for couples and family.

Address: Jiangnan Tianchi Resort, Henglu Village, Tianhuangping Town, Anji City, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province

When When traveling to Yunnan in winter, everyone only knows Tengchong s geothermal hot springs. In fact, the Mengla Hot Spring is also very good. The Mengla Hot Spring is gushing out from the stone caves of the virgin forest, the water vapor is transpiration, it is open under the blue sky and white clouds, and hidden in the red flowers and green leaves.

The Liquan Pond is made of stone, surrounded by ancient trees, and there is a huge banyan tree by the pool. It must have been moisturized by the spring for a long time, and there is a spirituality in the mist of water. There are several big rocks in the spring, which clearly indicate the location except the hot spring eye. The temperature of the hot spring water is about 40 degrees, and the water temperature at the spring eye is slightly hot. Upstairs from the hot spring pool is the place where the shower takes place.

Bala Township is not far from the Sino-Vietnamese border, and there are many ethnic groups such as Dai, Yi, Yao, Miao, Hani, Han, and their villages are intertwined with dog teeth. Most of the people who came to take a bath in the hot springs lived near the Dong people. Every day after two or three in the afternoon, the Dai people in the nearby villages will come to the hot spring to bathe in pairs. When I got to the pool, I took off my clothes on the spot and was very rash.

The Mengla hot spring has the traditional folk style of naked bathing for men and women of the Dong ethnic group. There is no need for fortification in a pool where men and women bathe naked, without any obstacles in between. Elderly women do not avoid outsiders , and are semi-naked. After taking a bath, young women change their clothes generously on the spot, but they change it under a big skirt. They are quite skilled in movement and will not leak at all.

The Wa people are a people who love water. Bathing in nature is a belief for them.

Lying in the rough hot spring pool, feel the hot spring popping from below with bubbles, looking up at the lush green cliffs and waterfalls, and occasionally hear young people of the Dai ethnic group in the pool singing folk songs, dont have a sense of wild interest.

Address: 49 kilometers from Jinping County, Yunnan, and border with Vietnam

Yingshang Xinzhuang Medicinal Water Beach is located in the long canyon of Laji Mountain, and the Xijiu Highway crosses it. It is 15 kilometers away from the county town of Rushal and Ta er Temple. The beach is lush with grass and hot springs, and there is a spring eye in the mountain bend on the southwest side. The spring water erupts from the bottom of the beach. There is a sound and a thick sulfur smell permeates the surrounding air.

Hold your hand into the spring and you will be amazed by the softness of the water. When you take it out again, the skin on your hand is as delicate as being brushed by silk.

The spring water of Shaoyao Shuitan Hot Spring is a type containing calcium bicarbonate. The minerals contained in the water have the functions of stretching cardiovascular, mediating nerve function, hypnosis and analgesia, and have high medicinal value.

The temperature of the hot spring ground is 41 ℃, and it can be drunk and bathed without any processing and treatment. Don t worry about the sulfur in the spring water is too heavy, although some mouthfuls, but after swallowing, there is a lot of herbs back to Gan. Some local farmers use the hot spring water to cook the noodles, and the taste is extremely delicious.

From the spring pond, walk along the stream on the green grass beach, you can see a string of pearl spring eyes on both sides of the stream. There are often three or five Tibetan girls accompanying each other, one spring after another, and sometimes worship one spring godly.

Address: In the Maji Canyon, Langzhong County, Xining City, Qinghai Province, near Provincial Highway 101

The ancients made stones to make pools, and stored hot springs to cleanse themselves. Aishan Hot Spring is an old soup, built in the early Ming Dynasty. If you want to enjoy high-end hot spring services, Aishan Hot Spring will definitely disappoint you; but if you want to see the original style and make traditional stone soup, this place can satisfy you completely.

Aishan Hot Spring is located at the foot of Aishan in Songshan Town, Qixia City, Yantai, Shandong Province. It covers an area of ​​more than 2200 acres and is adjacent to the Aishan Scenic Area. The surrounding scenery is deep. Ganoderma and mugwort.

The hot springs in Aishan existed during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. The hot spring water was collected from more than 2,000 meters underground. The normal water temperature was 52 ° C and the thermal effect was good. At that time, it was divided into three types: official soup, folk soup and female soup. Good curative effect. After the founding of the People s Republic of China, the government cut three new hot spring wells and introduced water to the People s Liberation Army 144 Hot Springs Sanatorium. Many people receive hot spring therapies in the hospitals every year.

Later, with the development of the Aishan Scenic Area, Aishan Hot Spring gradually became familiar. There are a lot of health-themed hot springs here. There are 6 kinds of Chinese medicine soups: ─ Angelica Spring, Ai Ye Spring, Ginseng Spring, Lingzhi Spring, Mint. Spring, wolfberry spring. The main beauty is Tai Chi Pool, Fish Therapy Pool, Milk Spring, Petal Spring, Red Wine Grape Bath and so on.

Address: North of Aishan Tangcun Village, Songshan Town, Qixia City, Shandong Province

With lush trees, cascading waterfalls and creeks, Chibi Hot Spring in Yongtai County, Fuzhou is not in the most concentrated area of ​​hot springs, but it wins in Jingmei Quanqing, and it is also an excellent place to bathe.

Fuzhou Chibi Hot Spring is located in the Chibi Natural Scenic Area of ​​Yongtai County, covering an area of ​​more than 100 acres. There are only a few hot springs built against the cliff. The bathing people lean against the hot spring pool , and the waterfall runs down the rock wall, washing the back. Like someone is massaging you. People who can withstand the strong impact of the current may wish to be closer to the waterfall, but it is not recommended to stay directly under the waterfall .

There are many vermiculite soups in the scenic area, all of which are made of rough stones, with different shapes, but small in size, and a soup pond can only accommodate more than ten people. The spring water contains more than ten kinds of trace mineral elements such as metasilicate, potassium, and calcium, which is very beneficial to the human body. Cliff cliffs, waterfalls and warm soup are hidden in the green forest, and the original stone soup pond is located in the flat land among the mountains, which has its unique flavor.

There are many attractions around Chibi Hot Spring, such as Da Zhangxi, Chibi Canyon, Tiantouyu, Tawau Tianchi, and so on. After the soup is finished, the body is relaxed and unfolded, and the tourists can also look up and see the breathtaking cliffs. You can enjoy hot springs in winter and mountain springs in summer.

Address: Chibi Scenic Spot, Chibi Village, Geling Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Tongluodong Hot Spring is rare in the Chinese hot spring industry. Yingde s Qidong Hot Spring is one of them. From Guangzhou, drive along the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway for two and a half hours to reach Qidong Hot Spring in Liwu Village, Yingde Wangbu Town, Qingyuan City.

The karst caves in the Erquan hot spring area are spacious and sensational, with different forms of stalactites and stalagmites. Soak the soup in the cave, close your eyes and rejuvenate, intermittently you can hear water droplets sliding along the stone wall, along the stalagmite edge, and dripping on the water surface. In addition to some karst cave hot springs, there are also many open-air hot springs in Qidong Hot Spring Area, such as Wangfu Spring, Yinyang Spring, Chinese Medicine Valley, Waterfall Spring, and Foot Bath.

Many local people live in the surrounding of Qiqidong Hot Spring. Many villages in the village have wooden villas, such as Southeast Asian or Hakka-style houses. These houses are made of raw wood, which can eliminate ultraviolet rays, soft indoor light and pleasant room temperature. Many of them can provide homestay services, and some have been developed into hotels, and those who come to the soup can stay here if they can t rush back.

Most Cantonese people do not treat their stomachs, and the slightly remote Liwu Village also has a lot of food: local chickens, the meat is smooth and tender, and tough, you can taste it in the restaurant of Qidong Hot Spring. Guests packed home ; Jiulong Tofu, sweet and smooth, is a taste that can be ground only by the local landscape.

Address: Yingde Qidong Hot Spring Scenic Spot, Wangbu Town, Yingde City, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province

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