China Travel: “Country of Heavenly Mansion” Chengdu-Panda Base

Sichuan, a province known as the Land of Heaven. And not long ago, Zhao Lei s Chengdu sang the place in Chengdu. The song sang Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu until all the lights are off and do not stay , whether it is Yulin The end of the road or the door of the tavern sounds full of longing. I can t help wondering, is Chengdu really as beautiful as the lyrics write? This is the first place that Chengdu attracted me. So what s the second thing that attracts me? I believe everyone has heard a word, Chinese pandas are in Sichuan. Sichuan s special soil and water is suitable for the growth of our national treasure. As for me who have only seen pandas on TV and in zoos, I firmly believe that Sichuan s pandas are not the same.

As a result, they embarked on a trip to Chengdu. After seven hours of travel, I finally arrived at my destination. After a day of driving, I planned to go to the famous panda base in Chengdu the next day. Even in my sleep , I longed for the panda! Early the next morning, I got on the bus to the Panda Base, all the way with excitement and expectations. The Panda Base is located in Axion Mountain in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. It is still far from the city, about 10 kilometers away, but to see the pandas, the bumps along the way are not significant. I finally reached the panda base after about an hour s drive. After getting out of the car, it is visible to the naked eye, not as bustling as the city, but full of green, and the air is very fresh. It is said that the panda base covers an area of ​​16,000 square meters, which is much larger than I expected. There are also parking spaces around It is very convenient. After getting off the bus, I went straight to the entrance of the pa rk. There were a lot of tourists waiting in line. The student ID can enjoy a half-price discount. For the student party, the price is really fair.

As soon as I entered the yard, there were bamboos everywhere, and the emerald green color could come out of the water. You can see a rough map of the panda base just where you entered the gate. The sights of the entire base are the gate—the giant panda theater—the banana forest—the giant panda kindergarten—the swan lake. Among them, I am most interested in the baby panda, which is the panda kindergarten. I wanted to learn more about the giant panda and went to the visitor center first to inquire. There are video information about giant pandas, newspapers, and scenic spot programs and staged events of the day. After some situations, he set off with a map. Here you need to make a relevant small question type. Since the panda base has a relatively large area and there are many attractions, you can choose to take a sightseeing car or walk, but no matter which one, you need to prepare sufficient food. And water so that it is available from time to time .

The first is to go to the giant panda theater. The Panda Charm Theater is the first professional movie theater in the country to display giant panda movies. The screen display with detailed explanations fully shows us the entire process of pandas estrus, mating , pregnancy, littering, and growth. I m still surprised after watching it. Don t look at the size of the panda. Every time you get pregnant, you have one or two baby pandas. And the newborn baby panda is about the size of a puppy and has a very good survival rate. Low, plus pandas have extremely high requirements for living conditions. They like cold and heat, and the environment suitable for living is always below 20 ℃, and they need to live in dense bamboo forests at an altitude of 2600-3500 meters. This makes it easy to understand why pandas are the first-class protection animals in China, and they are truly national treasures. Immediately after that, I went to visit the Banana Forest. After entering the Banana Forest, I will feel a bit of coolness. Because it is October, it is a bit cold. If it is a hot summer, it will be unusually pleasant! The banana forest is lush, and each banana tree grows densely and lushly. A bunch of banana trees are clustered together. Although it is only green, it is also a chic scenery!

Next, I want to go to the panda kindergarten that I want to go to most. There are road maps all over the courtyard. The panda kindergarten is divided into different attractions, which are the giant panda villa No.1, the giant panda villa No.2, and the young big Panda villa, sun delivery room, moon delivery room. The panda villas you see are all adult pandas. Each panda has its own special and meaningful name, and it will be introduced near the active area of Each panda, such as the origin of its name. Personality and its special preferences, etc. Some pandas are more mischievous, while others like to sleep late. Each introduction is very interesting. The weather turned cold due to the season, so I was lucky enough to see a lot of giant pandas. Some sat there eating bamboo with great taste, some with their buttocks in a daze, and some with their heads tilted to see tourists. The look of doubt is so cute! Well, the giant panda will see it here. The next attraction is the panda deli very room that I look forward to the most. The reason why it is called a delivery room must be all panda babies. Sure enough, as soon as they entered the delivery room, they saw the pandas who were sturdy. Their hair was not black and white, but was made of brown and white. Most of the underage babies were three or four months old. Some pandas The baby was sleeping and ignorant of the surrounding environment; some were too lively, crawling around and turning around; others looked silly outside the incubator, cute and adorable. In fact, there are some other wild animals that can be seen outside, such as peacocks and baby raccoons (here called red pandas), but I only saw peacocks, and they look like female peacocks, because they do not have a beautiful big tail Dragging behind, these peacocks are not afraid of people. They are pacing up and down under my feet. They are graceful, but you must remember not to feed them.

I put Swan Lake last to see. In addition to the white swan I expected, and the black-necked crane walking by the lake, it was an unexpected surprise. The white swans are playing in the lake, flapping their wings from time to time , and the other white swans stay in pairs in pairs, as if they are against each other s heads, as if expressing affection, looking from a distance as if a beautiful picture. Black-necked cranes are taking elegant steps by the lake, some gazing into the distance and wondering what they are thinking, and some shaking their heads to look naughty and cute. Before leaving, I found another rose garden. The garden is not too big, but it is full of roses. Once you enter the yard, you can smell the refreshing aroma. There is also a place to drink tea. I want to sit in such a beautiful place. Drinking a cup of tea in the pleasant garden is also fascinating.

The tour of the Panda Base made me know more about the giant panda, and made me understand its cuteness and preciousness. Of course, there are many things that surprised me, but I have increased my knowledge in this regard anyway, the only regret is that I have not caught up with The red panda feeds, but I m very satisfied!

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